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Ready to roll?

I’ve been in SoCal for the last week, visiting my godmother. She is 90, and pretty tired. I’ve been pretty tired for the last few years, so I can relate. But I’ve been resting a lot and taking good are of myself, and it’s been working! This is a good thing, as I have a […]

How to have a Biological Mandate

Bees pollinate flowers, right? So so some moths, and a few other insects. The flowers get to reproduce, and the bees get food.  Symbiosis!  Symbiosis is a process in which all parties to the arrangement benefit. Unlike its opposite, parasitism, in which one party benefits at the expense of another, symbiosis is the original win-win.  […]

The BellyDance Bundle is Back!

Dear friends, 27 contributors. $1000 worth of belly dance madness. Over 80% off! This innovative package of wonderful dance classes, tutorials, and so forth, got a lot of attention last year with good reason. It is well-designed and a great value. This year Bundle purchases will be giving back directly to the dance community and […]

How to be Ineffably Cool (+ Fall Calendar)

One of the great dance films is Dr. Magda Saleh’s documentary, Egypt Dances. Dr. Saleh was Egypt’s first prima ballerina; she made the film in the 70s as part of her doctoral studies. It is splendid, a cross section of local dance all over Egypt. One of my favorite sections is when she interviews this shamadan […]

What Dina Said

This past May I attended Yasmina Ramzy’s final Belly Dance Blossom festival. I was fortunate to be on the panel Raqs Sharqi as Revolutionary, with Christine Sahin and Amara of NYC. It was fabulous, as are all of Yasmina’s events. But the main attraction was Dina Talaat (yes, THE Dina). Dina taught a workshop each […]

How to develop stage presence at home (and on video)

Alexander the Great conquered the known world. Everywhere there was fell to him. He did a good job, too, keeping the local culture culture intact. But his big love was conquering. When he got as far as there was to go, when there were no more countries to to invade, Alexander broke down and cried. […]

Four Stages of Belly Dancer Evolution Part 1

I teach writing at a state college in Vermont. I mostly teach first-year English Composition. Students learn how to compose a college paper—how to find something to say, and how to back up their points with evidence. Students evolve fairly consistently through several stages of intellectual development as they learn these skills. That’s the point of a […]

The Dream of Another Life

Back in 2006 I went on a long trip of several months. When I got home, nothing had changed. Nothing. My little town was exactly the same as when I left. It was terrifying. I felt like I had never left, that none of things I had done really happened. I’ve since found that, for […]

90 Days Countdown!

Here’s another 90 Days Love Note. We’re counting down to the start of this year’s 90 Days with a Love Note a day through March 11th.   Day 15: How to sneak it in I don’t know about you, but I like to have fun. In some ways it is my downfall, in others my […]

90 Days Last Call!

Here’s another 90 Days Love Note. We’re counting down to the start of this year’s 90 Days with a Love Note a day through March 11th.  Day 71: How to “face” the music… We’ve all seen the glued-on smile—the frowny class face—the distracted counting face, the anxious, the mopey, the bored, the fake—and the genuine. […]