Alia Thabit Traditional and Avant-Garde Belly Dance

Why Belly Dance is like–the Matrix?! (and how to get your red pill)

In the iconic film, The Matrix, Neo is offered a choice: The blue pill or the red pill?The blue pill lets you stay in the cave, living an illusion of life. The red pill--ah, that's another story. The red pill means opening your eyes to hidden … [Read more]

Thank you!

It's Thanksgiving Day in the USA (a politically fraught holiday, considering the USA's lousy treatment of its indigenous peoples). Despite this, the practice of gratitude has a lot of merit.Giving thanks reminds of what is good in life. Most of … [Read more]

Welcome to Books I Love

I have always been a book person--I like books in my hands, the ink, the pages, the pleasure of the thing itself. However, I hate reading on a computer. Hate. It. I do it for work, but it's a drag and a half. I therefore disdained e-reading, virtual … [Read more]

Why belly dance is like hummus ( and how to make it right)

It's a funny thing about food, especially ethnic food. However your grandmother made something, that's the way it's supposed to taste. Unless you never met your grandmother, or she couldn't cook worth a damn, of course. That happens, and I'm sorry. … [Read more]

How to WIN with finger cymbals (+ video!)

I love finger cymbals. They make a dancer REAL. Somehow you go from sort of invisible to flesh-and-blood, from ignorable to exciting. And they are a real boon when improvising with live music, as you can accent your own dance in case the musicians … [Read more]

How to practice effectively with the Mini-Snack Method

It's been raining a lot recently, when it should be all pretty and warm and lovely in a late summer kind of way. Rain often makes me feel frazzled--helpless and overwhelmed. There are just so many drops, all falling on me, all cold, all wet. … [Read more]

What to practice?

“We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter your experience level. Figuring out what to practice can be mind-numbingly difficult, and practicing the things you’re not as good at is HARD.It’s extra hard when you’re struggling to make the time to … [Read more]

Belly Dance Bundle!

Enhance your dance with the Belly Dance Bundle! … [Read more]

Updates and good news!

I'm delighted to announce that there will be a 90 Day Dance Challenge beginning on Feb 11, 2018 and ending on World Belly Dance Day, May 12, 2018. Daily Love Notes, weekly videos, and a FB group for support and friends. Sign up info in the fall; … [Read more]

How to choreograph Oriental dance (and stay true to the dance’s soul)

Symbiosis is the name for a collaboration the benefits both partners. Bees and flowers, for example. Bees pollinate flowers by feeding on their nectar. Pollen sticks to the bees' legs and gets deposited in other flowers. Pollination means the flowers … [Read more]