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The 90 Days is coming (and other updates)

I've been noticing how many things get to a point where it seems everything is falling apart--but then they don't. It's become such a thing that when I start to feel the chaos swirling, I remind myself that this happens every time, to just stay my … [Read more]

Why Belly Dance is like–the Matrix?! (and how to get your red pill)

In the iconic film, The Matrix, Neo is offered a choice: The blue pill or the red pill? The blue pill lets you stay in the cave, living an illusion of life. The red pill--ah, that's another story. The red pill means opening your eyes to hidden … [Read more]

Thank you!

It's Thanksgiving Day in the USA (a politically fraught holiday, considering the USA's lousy treatment of its indigenous peoples). Despite this, the practice of gratitude has a lot of merit. Giving thanks reminds of what is good in life. Most of … [Read more]

Welcome to Books I Love

I have always been a book person--I like books in my hands, the ink, the pages, the pleasure of the thing itself. However, I hate reading on a computer. Hate. It. I do it for work, but it's a drag and a half. I therefore disdained e-reading, virtual … [Read more]

Why belly dance is like hummus ( and how to make it right)

It's a funny thing about food, especially ethnic food. However your grandmother made something, that's the way it's supposed to taste. Unless you never met your grandmother, or she couldn't cook worth a damn, of course. That happens, and I'm sorry. … [Read more]

How to WIN with finger cymbals (+ video!)

I love finger cymbals. They make a dancer REAL. Somehow you go from sort of invisible to flesh-and-blood, from ignorable to exciting. And they are a real boon when improvising with live music, as you can accent your own dance in case the musicians … [Read more]

How to practice effectively with the Mini-Snack Method

It's been raining a lot recently, when it should be all pretty and warm and lovely in a late summer kind of way. Rain often makes me feel frazzled--helpless and overwhelmed. There are just so many drops, all falling on me, all cold, all wet. … [Read more]

What to practice?

“We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter your experience level. Figuring out what to practice can be mind-numbingly difficult, and practicing the things you’re not as good at is HARD. It’s extra hard when you’re struggling to make the time to … [Read more]

Belly Dance Bundle!

Enhance your dance with the Belly Dance Bundle! … [Read more]

Updates and good news!

I'm delighted to announce that there will be a 90 Day Dance Challenge beginning on Feb 11, 2018 and ending on World Belly Dance Day, May 12, 2018. Daily Love Notes, weekly videos, and a FB group for support and friends. Sign up info in the fall; … [Read more]