Alia Thabit Traditional and Avant-Garde Belly Dance


How to Make Dance Class Fun II (and a Giveaway!)

First the Giveaway! It’s from the Bellydance Bundle, and it’s big. -3 sets of all-brass, scrollwork-engraved zills of various tones and sizes -2 beautiful rectangle silk veils -1 gorgeous half circle silk veil All from Turquoise International, valued at over $350.00 USD! Our grand prize winner will dance away with some of the best zils available […]

What Dina Said II

Is belly dance like coffee? What does Dina think? Back when I was a kid, you wanted coffee, that’s what you got. There wasn’t much choice. The only decaf was Sanka, and instant coffee was pretty much undrinkable. Now you go into a nice café, or even a small grocery store, and the assortment is […]

Why belly dance is like hummus ( and how to make it right)

It’s a funny thing about food, especially ethnic food. However your grandmother made something, that’s the way it’s supposed to taste. Unless you never met your grandmother, or she couldn’t cook worth a damn, of course. That happens, and I’m sorry. But for most of us, she’s the heaven to which we aspire, the yardstick […]

How to choreograph Oriental dance (and stay true to the dance’s soul)

Symbiosis is the name for a collaboration the benefits both partners. Bees and flowers, for example. Bees pollinate flowers by feeding on their nectar. Pollen sticks to the bees’ legs and gets deposited in other flowers. Pollination means the flowers can set set seeds and reproduce themselves, while the flowers’ nectar feeds the bees and […]

How to transmit wonder with your dance

In our secret hearts, we come to this dance for transformation. We seek a magic carpet ride to our true self, our inner goddess, femme fatale, power and glory. We want this so hard it hurts. We cry at night for the loss of the beauty, freedom, mystery and adventure with which we were born. Life […]

Dance Magic Webinar

Hola, beautiful! Ready for a free LIVE webinar? How about one on making dances? Lots of holiday haflas coming up! How do you quickly make a dance so you feel confident–without having to remember all those steps? Ta-daa! Presenting Dance Magic Quick, easy ways to make a dance without setting a single step.  In fact, we will […]

What is Belly Dance? Part IV

What is Belly Dance? Part IV Read Part I here Read part II here Read Part III here   It’s pretty clear by now that belly dance is much more than a sparkly little toy. It’s much more than a sexy treat for the male gaze, a fun way of getting exercise, or a dress-up […]

What is belly dance part III

What is belly dance? Part III Read Part I here Read part II here Of course, there are specific folkloric dances that have nothing to do with belly dance—no one is arguing about that. But there are others that have been adopted. They are not belly dance as such (Sa’idi stick dance, for example, or […]

Why we dance—the secret surprise (and how to find it)

You know those little voices that always rag on us to just quit and be done with it?  That we will never amount to anything? What does that even mean? Like we will not be world-class famous dancers with tons of money and fame? Why is that the benchmark of success in our dance? Few of us dance […]

Small Product Lab Days 3-4

Gumroad Small Product Lab, Days 3-4 I’ve been doing the Gumroad Small Product Lab 10-Day Challenge (, where folks commit to making and launching a new product—be it a tutorial, t-shirt, or toolkit–in only 10 days! Here’s how it’s been going. Day 1 we had to pick a thing to make. I was torn between 3 […]