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How to develop stage presence at home (and on video)

Alexander the Great conquered the known world. Everywhere there was fell to him. He did a good job, too, keeping the local culture culture intact. But his big love was conquering. When he got as far as there was to go, when there were no more countries to to invade, Alexander broke down and cried. […]

Why belly dance is like hummus ( and how to make it right)

It’s a funny thing about food, especially ethnic food. However your grandmother made something, that’s the way it’s supposed to taste. Unless you never met your grandmother, or she couldn’t cook worth a damn, of course. That happens, and I’m sorry. But for most of us, she’s the heaven to which we aspire, the yardstick […]

Belly Dance Bundle!

Enhance your dance with the Belly Dance Bundle!

How to critique for confidence (or, “What the hell is this B?”)

    A gal I knew was raised to believe that she mustn’t handle flowers when she had her period, because the flowers would die. I’m not kidding. People used to believe this. I was shocked to meet someone for whom this had once been a truth. We met in the first belly dance class I […]

How Isometrics give your dance earth and air

Isometrics. It’s my word of the week—I have heard myself say it several times recently. Isometrics is the the practice of engaging groups of muscles in opposition to each other. It is a stretching away from while yearning toward, contraction and expansion combined. All the core movements in our dance cluster around this junction between contraction […]

What’s your wall?

Sometimes we hit a wall.  So high, can’t get over it. So low, can’t go under it. So wide, can’t get around it… Where is your dance wall? What stops you, gets in your way, or keeps you from dancing what you feel in the moment? What walls do your students or dancer friends face? Here are a few things […]

How quantum physics illuminates personal style

How quantum physics illustrates personal style Imagine you are watching a dancer. You have no idea what the hell she is doing, but everything is moving in complete accord with the music, and that music is live. There are half a dozen instruments, multiple accents, and a wild assortment of inputs, yet she is totally […]

Dance Magic Webinar

Hola, beautiful! Ready for a free LIVE webinar? How about one on making dances? Lots of holiday haflas coming up! How do you quickly make a dance so you feel confident–without having to remember all those steps? Ta-daa! Presenting Dance Magic Quick, easy ways to make a dance without setting a single step.  In fact, we will […]

How thankfulness in dance brings joy and peace into our lives

In the USA, we have this powerful myth of the first Thanksgiving. The first pilgrims came to the shores of this country, escaping religious differences in England. The ingenious peoples kindly took pity on them and invited them to a feast. The pilgrims were so grateful for this kindness that they commemorated the feast as […]

How to Enjoy Dance Practice Part IV

In this series, we look at how dance has turned from a pleasurable fun activity to one of perfectionism and hard work. The series began with the observations of a dance friend, Sarah, who noticed that practicing improvisation was seen as less valuable than drilling or fitting combos into other songs. Our first strategy was […]