The 90 Days is coming (and other updates)

I’ve been noticing how many things get to a point where it seems everything is falling apart–but then they don’t. It’s become such a thing that when I start to feel the chaos swirling, I remind myself that this happens every time, to just stay my course and things will come back together.

Of course, sometimes it all goes to hell, but most times this works. For example, the 90 Days. It took three rounds for me to notice that around a certain day, something happened–usually some criticism–that threw me off my game. The first time, I was destroyed. The second time wasn’t much better. The third time, I thought, wait a minute. I have been here before…

That’s when I went back and looked at the first two times. And realized the timing was almost to the day. I’m sure it will happen this time, too. But hopefully this time I will be able to see it as a natural phenomenon, and recover more quickly.

Speaking of the 090 Days–and of noticing, here is the Day 20 Love Note of the 2015 90 Days (and then some upcoming events–and some changes ; )

Why the Dog Shit Moment signals change 

What’s that smell?
We’ve all been there. By that time, it’s too late. There is dog poop on our shoe, our carpet, everywhere. We scrub and curse, vowing to be more careful.

What, again?
More cursing, more scrubbing. But this time, maybe before we get home…

Nooo, DANG!
Just at the moment of impact, we realize. Too late, but only just.

Whoa! Just step back.
Now we are getting somewhere. Just before the foot goes down, we see it coming, and we have time to to stop, reverse gears, pull back, and step away.

That’s dog shit, and I’m not going there.
Change has truly come. We see it, note it, and steer clear.

Where is the dog shit in your life? 

Is it a person? An interaction? A relationship pattern? Where are you at in the continuum? Do you see it coming, or do you only notice the smell after you’ve stepped?

Change is coming.

You can do this.



Music: Rose Royce:

C & C Music Factory

Now back to our updates ; )

Recently I noticed  I had tracked some crap into my life. I scheduled three challenging things all together in one month. Almost on the same day. Here they are.

  • Amity and Alia’s Awesome Retreat
  • The worldwide release date for Midnight at the Crossroads: Has belly dance sold its soul?
  • 30 Midnights: a 30 Day Challenge based on Midnight at the Crossroads: Has belly dance sold its soul? 
  • The 90 Day Dance Challenge.

I think you can see what a terrible idea it is to do all of these at once. So I asked for help. Amity came to my rescue, telling me how to re-order the events. Here they are:

Amity and Alia’s Awesome Winter Retreat, Feb 10-11 in Lyme, NH.

This is going to be a wonderful event in a lovely place, and it’s all inclusive–meals, a room, even a chair massage! There are only 10 spaces left, and there’s a deal on the page so do take a look:

Midnight Worldwide Release, Feb 10

That’s when the print book goes live on, Amazon, and so forth. (Also BN has a very nice nice preorder price and a great price for the Nook version of the ebook).

The 30-Midnights book challenge, Monday, February 12, 2018 to Tuesday, March 13th. 

This 30 days thing is going to be pretty cool, different from the 90 days. It will give us time for a deep dive into the book and set the stage nicely for the 90 Days (thanks to Gudrun for this title <3).

This challenge is free for anyone who signs up for the 90 Days by Feb 10 (and for those who backed the book’s Kickstarter). This and an ebook of Midnight are a bonus for joining the 90 Days before Feb 10. Register for the 90 Days here:

The 90 Days will begin Saturday March 17th and run to Thursday, June 14th.

This is our flagship course, and it’s a winner. It’s also ridiculously cheap for all you get–three months of daily attention and support, Love Notes, and a chance to bring your dance way beyond the next level. Check out the 90 Days here:

Thank you for your trust in me. Thank you for supporting this work. It is my pleasure and honor to dance with you.



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