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Arabesque: Arts of the Fathers

The 2020 hits just keep on coming (talkin’ to you, endless fires), so today’s post will be short and escapist ; )

As I continued to explore the concepts I found in my Dad’s art, I started focusing on a more Arabic form of expression–by using the Symmetry feature on my phone. Whatever I draw gets mirrored both horizontally and vertically. I’ve used this before, but mostly in one direction. Adding all those lines and outlines to my squiggles, though–voila! Symmetry turns my squiggle into a beautiful pattern–Arabesque! It has been a ridiculous amount of fun!

This is the first one that really said YES. More followed!

As I shared these images with friends, the comment that kept coming back was, This would make a great phone case! So, I am making them into phone cases (and a few other things). This one is the first–there are more to come. I have to agree they are adorable (it has also been really fun to actually like my own art. This has been one of the most remarkable side benefits of SE).

While we are on the subject of Arabic expression, I was delighted to attend North African Dance: Resistance and Performance, part of Hanan’s Shimmy Shift Pivot series, with Algerian dancers Esraa Warda and Amel Tafsout. I don’t know how long it will be up, so watch fast. It is worth the time to see two articulate native dancers discuss their art. Hanan created Havana Habibi–an oriental dance festival in Cuba. Everything she does is super interesting.

Effortless Improv is coming this fall! Plus the Belly Dance Bundle will be back. More info soon ; )

If you need some settling during these crazy time, Tuning In–Medicine for Modern Times starts next week.

I look forward to dancing with you!

And on the topic of dance, the second half of Amity’s Online August retreat is this weekend–with Sahra Saeeda and Tamalyn Dallal. I very much enjoyed the first half and look forward to the second half! Info and registration is here.

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