Be Your Own Boss! (Bobby Style II starts Tues, Jan 11)

In the Week 5 Bobby Style class, we had a conversation about needing to know what the lyrics mean when you dance to a song. Specifically we were dancing to Farid al Atrach’s Ma alli wie oltello.

I know what I feel from the song, but I don’t remember what the lyrics mean. So I looked them up! And here they are.


Before you look at the lyrics, listen to the song. What does it say to you and where does it say this?

Here is a link to the song:

DON’T watch Samia. Just listen. Feel what you feel. Take notes.

TRUST YOURSELF to do this.

THEN the translation:

THEN watch Samia. What do you see in her dance? In her interactions with Farid? How does this complement or collide with YOUR impressions?

Remember, Samia is not the boss of you. She is playing a part in a movie. She is showing the energy of that specific character. You play your own parts in your own movie with every dance. This is about personal style.

For me, all the passion and yearning that I feel when I listen to the the song is also in the lyrics. In the class, we explored several different energetic states of being as we played multiple times with the same song–kittenish, sultry, etc. They are all in there. One way of using the lyrics is to ascribe these different energies to different sections or verses of the song. Or just let your body feel them as you feel them–TRUST.



PS Bobby Style II begins this week!

What folks say about Bobby Style

“A wonderful Aha moment for me was experiencing you teaching to complex profound music with simple steps. This approach seems so obvious to me now, but it didn’t occur to me before and it changes everything, in a good way! And I love your taste in music. And I love the Bobby format. Also, just dancing creativity in relaxation instead of “creative striving” is just what I need!” DN

Our next session will start Tuesday, January 11.

Bobby Style II–with Zils On!

We will use zils only in the first part of the class, with our across the floor combos (10-15 mins). We will continue to highlight classic steps–and add zils to them.

Participant zils will be muted during the class. Only instructor zils will be audible.

NOTE: this is NOT a class to learn zils. For that, see Ziltastic.

This IS a class to use zils the way Bobby taught them.

Zils are completely OPTIONAL. No zils or air zils are perfectly fine.

Lern more here:

I hope you can join us!


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