Alia Thabit Traditional and Avant-Garde Belly Dance


The Bellydance Bundle is Live

It’s time. The Bellydance Bundle is live. Over $1300 worth of belly dance resources. Over 25 contributors. Over 85% off. The bellydance bundle is available for for one week only. All the courses have been revealed. It’s a wonderful collection! I’m VERY excited about Embodiment, the six-week musicality for belly dance class I made for the […]

The BellyDance Bundle is Back!

Dear friends, 27 contributors. $1000 worth of belly dance madness. Over 80% off! This innovative package of wonderful dance classes, tutorials, and so forth, got a lot of attention last year with good reason. It is well-designed and a great value. This year Bundle purchases will be giving back directly to the dance community and […]

Why Good Enough really is good enough–and so are you

I’ve been reading a lot of novels in the last few weeks, since I discovered OverDrive, which lets me take ebooks out from the library and read them on my phone. I am ridiculously happy reading on my phone, which, as a book person, I never thought would happen. I’ve been binge-reading Ursula Le Guin, Richard […]

Time, the final frontier (or, my summer vacation)

Christopher Columbus believed the world was round. He was determined to show that he could get to the East–by sailing West. Finding a water route to Asia was important because spices were incredibly valuable, so Queen Isabella gave him permission (and money) to find it. Columbus was right about the roundness, but wrong about the route. Instead, he […]

How to Join a Dance Troupe

Where’s you dance wall? The foundation of my house is mainly a pile of rocks. Because of the spaces between the rocks, it’s rather porous. I have suffered floods in the spring and heat loss in the winter, because those spaces let heat out just as easily as they let water in. On top of this, animals sometimes burrow into […]