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Want your joy back?

Don'tThink Improvisation

Don’t think–just feel it.

Farida Fahmy has said, “The most important thing when dancing, is that you are enjoying yourself. In some parts of the world, bellydance is becoming like the Olympics, and all about how clever you can be. Becoming technical, cold, severe, and calculated is not what the dance is all about. Many dancers have lost the joy in the dance.”

Not just in dance. We lose our joy so insidiously. Daily life eats away at our resiliency.  Sometimes we wonder why we even bother. We feel tired and pointless.

It’s tough to feel the joy when you never get to play.

(Classes are all choreography. Everything is so technical. You want freedom, to dance without thinking about what comes next. Yet it’s so hard to let go of that pretty, planned, blah blah blah. Where’s the feeling? The improvisation? The joy?)

You try different classes, but they’re all the same. You get bored doing the same thing all the time. You know Oriental dance is a playful form of improvisation and on the fly invention. You try to communicate, but no one understands. Nothing makes sense.

It’s like being the Ugly Duckling.

Everyone else just wants another choreography, another new step, to hold their arms ever so much more exactly. They all just want to be pretty, perfect, cookie-cutter copies. You are so past that.

You want to share your joy with the audience. But you feel lost and alone, stuck in a dance rut. You know what’s important, but where do you find it?

You crave a deep connection to your dance, to melt into the music. You cherish a personal voice and style. You seek a deep spirit bond, the joy for which you love this dance. Where is the connection? Where is the soul? Where is the art?  Where did it go? How do you get it back?

There is a solution.
It isn’t easy (though it is enjoyable). It doesn’t change our lives–it changes how we respond to our lives. It gives us solidarity, a deeper community. It gives us a reason to hang in there, to advocate for art. It changes what we see. We notice different things–connections, successes, feelings. It changes how we feel. More open. More grounded. More confident. More joyous.

It’s pretty cool.

And it only takes 20 minutes a day…


Alia’s 90 Day Dance Party
Improvisation Challenge

Get your joy back

Monday, February 6 through Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dance for 20 minutes. Every Day. For 90-days. Total Improvisation.

I want joy!

Wait, what? Alia’s 90 Day Dance Party: a 13-week commitment to improvise for 20 minutes a day (however many days a week you choose)

  • Why improvise? Improvisation connects you viscerally to the music, allows you to dance to anything, reveling in the moment. Plus it nourishes your mind, brain, heart, body, and soul.
  • Why 90 days? It takes at least 90 days to make new habits stick. I want to develop a daily dance practice. I did 45 days last year, and was stunned by the changes that occurred (spiritual and personal as well as dance); but after the 45 days were done, so was I. So this time, I am doubling down.
  • Why 20 minutes? That’s the length of time it takes for the brain’s neurotransmitter bath to shift, the minimum amount of time for change to happen in the brain.
  • Why Alia? A high-quality, experienced coach makes all the difference.  Alia Thabit is that coach
    • Forty years of experience • Professional educator • Skilled with online learning and instruction • Continued, extensive learning • Specialization in improv and composition • Champion of creative expression •Awesomely cool and fun.
    • An Arab-American and a Vermont Juried Artist, Alia draws from four decades of intensive exploration. She specializes in live music performance; solo and group improvisation and composition; and collaborative, narrative, symbolic, and movement-based structures.
    • Alia champions creativity and self-expression grounded in tradition, uniting dancers, musicians, and audience in a radiant oasis of warmth and delight.
    • Alia is a professional educator. She’s taught grade levels from Headstart to High School for 11 years, and at the college level for 18 years. Plus she has specialized in online delivery of courses since 2007 (and  taught dance for over 20 years). So, yeah. Solid.

Alia Thabit. Photo by Dunya MacPherson

“Alia is authentic. Not necessarily traditional dancing in one style or another, but dance instruction that requires the student to be her authentic self, to reach within to both her physical and mystical core self and dance from there first. Everything else — all the precision of movement, the details of technique, the practice itself, is grounded there and flows outward from there.” Kir T, VT

“What Alia does is so much more than belly dance. I feel like every individual who studies with Alia goes on her own journey, a journey of healing, a journey of discovery, a journey of transformation, a journey of joy. What she is about so much more than just the moves and the history. That’s all been written before. Alia has a bigger gift than that. She leads dance journeys!” Julie Ann Eason, teacher, copywriter, marketing consultant.

“A lot of people try to make money off of us by making us feel terrible about ourselves. Witness the entire weight loss industry. You’re one of the few people I can think of who consciously and deliberately works to make people feel better through what you offer. That’s a really beautiful thing.” —Atisheh,

So let’s get started!

  • When is it? The 90 days begin Sunday, February 1 and ends Saturday, May 2. There is one free day built in. If you need another, add it on.
  • Do we have to use all belly dance music? Heck no! Use what gets your motor running!
  • How do we do it? This Challenge is grounded in Dancemeditation™ by Sufi master Dunya McPherson. It is designed for this and it really works. You can check out these links to see what I mean. Here are Dunya’s session guide and basic practices.
  • Close your eyes and let your body move as it wishes for 20 minutes.Rest and journal afterwards. Allow exploration and evolution. You might dance furiously to fast loud music, infinitesimally slowly to no music at all, or anything in between.
  • But you can do it however you want. The only constant is 20 minutes per session.

Okay, I’m interested. Wait, what exactly do I have to do?

What you will do

Plan your challenge.

Do it!

Do what you feel good about. Customize your party! Can’t do every day? That’s OK. Prefer to start or end on different days? Want to dance longer? Go right ahead! Just stick to the 20-minute minimum. You can customize every other element. Make your own accommodation. Whatever works for you. I use these…

  • Classes count. If I am teaching or taking a dance class, I have done my time.
  • Today is still today until tomorrow. If I realize at 4AM that I did not practice today, it is still today. And I can dance just my hands and arms, in bed, in the dark, with no music, for my 20 minutes.

Dance however you want. If standing is difficult for you, dance seated. Or lying down. Or in your mind. Use the music you like. Dance at whatever time of day works for you. Make your own ritual, or have a grand free-for-all. Change it every single day if you want. It’s your choice. It’s all good.

  • But I don’t have any time. Create some. Then you will have it for something new and wonderful to come into your life.
  • But I don’t have any experience. This is for everyone, from non-dancers to professional performers. Everyone will connect on their own level and their own terms.
  • But I don’t have any music. I’ll provide a list of great music (along with some links for purchase).
  • But I don’t have any space. It’s nice to be able to put down a yoga mat, but if you have room to stand, you have space. Or use a chair, sofa, or bed.

Yes, I want to fill the well!

But I’m already a skilled improviser

art revolutionary

  • Add a challenge layer. Add a 10-minute rest or journaling period. Nadira Jamal did the whole thing with finger cymbals. You could develop your stage presence while effortlessly emoting. Or designate a specific type of music with which you want greater fluency. Whatever it is, just add it on. And you can take it off again whenever you want. The bottom line is to dance at least 20 minutes a day, whatever days you choose.
  • Teachers! You are always giving and doing for others. When is the last time you danced for the joy of it? Share this with your students, but do it for yourself. We all need to fill the well. This will fill the well.

“This practice has brought me back to the roots of why I started to belly dance. I grew up as a classically trained dancer and I have a lot of other dance training under my belt, but belly dance has always been my greatest passion. When I went pro with belly dance I felt I always had to reach for perfection. I realize now that I stopped enjoying the dance for me, and I was just going through the motions. I am now finding that deep seated love and passion for this dance again. I am coming home!”

Okay, I’m ready.

Wait, how much? You can do a self-directed challenge on your own. I did–twice. Everything you need is right here on this page. It will cost you nothing but your time. And the results will astonish you. Because this is real. It is true. And we need this, now more than ever.. But if you want to go deeper, if you want personal interaction and support, to engage with others on the journey, to sink your roots into the richness of this practice, read on.

“Alia is really sneaky. She knew that we would start this journey maybe to become more comfortable with improv or to add more structure to a practice that was becoming stale or disjointed. But what in fact is happening is that we are becoming transformed in this strange and wonderful collective way.” Souzan, Tallahassee, Florida “This continues to be a gift…words are not adequate to describe how participating in this has changed me..thanks to all who dance, strive to dance, and to those who post in this space. And especially to Alia.”—Debbie H. – VT

What you will get

  • Daily love notes. Every day, for 90 days, I will email you a sweet little note to help you feel engaged and energized. This is the backbone of the experience. I write them fresh, every day, even if it takes all night. Each Love Note you open in the morning is a direct response to what we have all been feeling thinking and dreaming, each and every day.
Photo by

Alia Thabit by

“Alia! I love you! Some of your Love Notes have brought tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration. Thank you for your devotion, empathy and encouragement. Signing up for your Dance Party has been one of the best things I have done for myself in recent times. I don’t always improv every day, but…. NGAMO. Blessings and love to you, you beautiful spirit!” “I love the posts about moving slowly, experimenting with “calligraphy”, playing with a veil, etc. They offer new ways to explore, play with & looking at old practices/techniques in new ways that open possibility.” “I love the Love Notes! They are incredible.”

  • Space for us to converse with monthly conference calls to stay focused, discuss our discoveries, and celebrate our progress. It’s an opportunity to get your questions answered and meet other practitioners, a chance to connect and feel part of larger whole.

“With so much bombardment of negativity around us, it’s refreshing to see that through your dance project, there is a clear desire to make things better globally and spiritually. It’s a higher aspiration than any war, tax, or government can provide…it’s connecting each of us through shared energy and the power we all posses to be conscious. I am hopeful that channelling this energy between like-minded people is a tremendous step in the right direction.” “Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, dancer, writer and endless talent. You are loved.” —Rich S. @NYRick

“This continues to a gift…words are not adequate to describe how participating in this has changed me..thanks to all who dance, strive to dance, and to those who post in this space. And especially to Alia.”—Debbie H. – VT

  • Video and audio demos. I’ll be sharing video and audio clips to explain, illustrate, and demonstrate, so you get to see and hear all the concepts and techniques clearly explained and demonstrated.
  • I will hold you in my heart and send you good energy. All day. Every single day.

“Thanks, Alia. You’re really wonderful, you know that? Not just doing this, but all the mental and emotional energy you’re putting into it all. It’s just incredibly generous.” —Atisheh

“Alia, you and your challenge have literally changed my life. This is what I have been missing, but I needed the challenge and the commitment to permit me to dance this way. Dancing like this has given me such confidence, and opened my heart. I am more loving towards everyone, and at peace and less judgmental of myself.”

  • PLUS you get a special bonus Quickstart Guide filled with tips and tricks so all of us are on the same page right form the start AND oodles of music suggestions for fresh grooves every day. Nice, huh?

I’m Ready! Let’s do this.

What will you do in 90 Days?

  • Have fun in a safe space
  • Discover how your body feels the music
  • Explore dance as a freeing, forgiving practice
  • Become friends with your body
  • Develop self-compassion and care
  • Embody the music
  • Feel inspired and creative
  • Open your heart to joy


Have fun in a safe space

  • Everyone’s a critic and everyone wants a piece of your time. Well, enough is enough. Your practice happens wherever you want. All you need is enough space to stand (or to put down a yoga mat). Want more privacy? Hang a curtain with thumbtacks or hooks.

Creative time all to yourself

  • You do so much for others—your family, your students, your co-workers. When is it your time? Now. Dance Party time is for you, not anyone or anything else. This is your time to fill the well, your time to give yourself the care and attention you crave. You can lie on the floor and rock for 20 minutes if that’s what your body wants.

Discover how your body feels the music

  • You’ve spent years copying others, molding yourself into a an idealized shape that doesn’t exist. Now is the time for you. Special strategies help you to let go of stylized, pre-planned moves and enter the radiance of true intuitive movement.

Explore dance as a freeing, forgiving practice

  • Perfectionist standards stifle the messiness of creative expression. It’s time to finger paint with dance. Roll around. Sprawl to the music. See what comes out. Enjoy dance like a child and find the treasure of your true self.

Learn to play again

  • You work so hard. Everything has to be purposeful, directed, efficient. Every minute is scheduled. And you get so tired—of work, doing for others, being perfect. It’s time to rediscover the joy of playfulness—of having space and time to do something just for the pleasure of it. Now is the time.

Become better friends with yourself

  • We push ourselves, yell at ourselves, find fault with what we’ve accomplished. We need time to just be, to enjoy our own company, to cherish our unique, beautiful selves, to <gasp> like ourselves. We are good people.  Let’s celebrate that.

Develop self-compassion

  • Our culture and media encourage us to hate and find fault with ourselves—because that keeps us down, small, controllable. When we like ourselves, we can make self-care a part of our lives. Instead of denying our selves because we are not fast enough, hard enough, fit enough, we can just cut ourselves a little bit of slack and say, “Yes, you are doing a good job. Yes, it is hard, but you are doing just fine. I love you.” And mean it. Does this feel scary or wrong? Then you really do need this time for yourself.

Shine a Light

  • When times are tough, we hunker down. Once we start to feel better about ourselves, we have more love to spread around. Suddenly we are smiling, saying nice things to others, brightening their days. And they go on to brighten someone else’s. One little ripple in the pond spreads infinitely outward. Another world is possible. Be that world!

Get in touch with your body’s wisdom

  • Our bodies know so much more than we think. Yet we constantly harness them to the critical mind and drive them like thirsty camels in the desert of our daily life. Never any time to play, to release, to express. The Dance Party provides that space. And with it comes discovery, healing, and joy.

Embody the music

  • Most of us dance alongside the music as we try to remember our next steps or keep track of what’s going on. As you slow down and begin to embrace your own feelings, you will discover all this  space and leisure in the music. Suddenly grand galleries open between the notes. You ooze graciously, riding the melody, floating over the rhythm, dropping in to accents allowing spaciousness and joy to nourish the spaces between your atoms and the music’s vibrations. Yeah, it’s that cool.

Feel inspired and creative

  • You wouldn’t think it, would you? That 20 minutes of freedom could make such a difference in your life. But it does. And it will.

And there’s more!

This is a commitment we are making together. Whatever way you want to do it is right and good–every choice is the perfect one. But several people have asked me about providing more in-depth guidance along the way. So I have thought about this and come up with… (Drum roll, please)

The Dance Party Bonus Pack of Joy! (BPJ)Say Yes

I’ve specialized in improvisation for most of my 40 years in belly dance. It is my life’s blood. I have learned a lot about it, and about how to get into the zone of performance improvisation. I have a lot to share in this area, and I want to share it with you. So I have put together this rich package of awesomeness.

You get the love notes, conference calls, and good energy, PLUS

  • A Secret Forum (shhh–don’t tell!). That means you can ask questions, get answers, and find your hidden treasure of beauty, power, and joy.  That means special, individual attention for your journey of self-discovery,  plus a community of like-minded practitioners (valued at $130)
  • A nifty pdf e-book with all the love notes collected in one place, for you to keep (valued at $25)
  • Weekly videos drenched in Dancemeditation™  improv goodness, so you can strengthen your practice and find new ways to connect to the music and recover your joy (valued at $130).

That’s over $275 worth of wonder. A course of this intensity and depth would normally cost upwards of $500. Thirteen weeks of classes at $15 a week would cost $195. You get all this awesomeness for about $7 a week. Plus you get to hang out in the forum, the cool .pdf of all the materials, and the video and audio specials. It’s a hell of a deal!  

      Warning: I am opinionated and I swear. I dream big. I take risks. Sometimes I fail–and try again. Art is a messy business :). If you like everything flossy and clean and perfect, this journey may not be for you. If, however, you are willing to experiment for the sake of seeing what happens, and you don’t mind a little chaos…  

We start Feb 6, 2017

  • Course runs from Feb 6-May 7 2017.
  • It’s all ONLINE so you can participate from anywhere in the universe!

Super great Bonus Pack of Joy includes…

  • Secret forum with individual attention, so you can ask questions, get answers, and find your hidden treasure of beauty, power, and joy  (valued at $130).
  • Weekly videos drenched in improv goodness, so you can strengthen your practice and find new ways to connect to the music and recover your joy (valued at $130).
  • Pdf of all the love notes (valued at $25).
  • Total Bonus Pack value: $285!

The 90 Day Dance Party Challenge
THANK YOU for choosing the 90 Day Dance Party!
RegularBonus Pack of Joy
Love Notes
Q&A conference calls
Holding you close in my heart
Quickstart Tips and Tricks (valued at $10)
Music suggestions (valued at $10)
The Bonus Pack of Joy
A Secret Facebook group for daily individual attention (valued at $130)
A nifty pdf of the Love Notes (valued at $25)
Video and audio demos and classes (valued at $130)
Pay securely with Paypal
One payment$84.27$94.79 USD
Payment Plan
(3 monthly payments)
3 monthly payments of $28.33 each3 monthly payments of $31.66 each

The next 90 Days will be in 2017.
You are welcome to get on the waiting list. There are a couple of tick boxes, so you can get notified about other upcoming courses (and sign up for Alia’s cool articles).

Notify me!


Remember, if you decide the 90 Day Dance Party is not for you, for any reason, you have Alia’s 30 day money-back, Win-Win Guarantee: You keep the Quickstart Guide AND you get all your money back. Plus you have 30 days to decide, so you also get a full month of Love Notes! Cool, huh?  If you have any questions, please contact me immediately.

Thank you! We are going to have so much fun.





PS The 90 days is where I put my heart and soul as a teacher—this is my contribution to the universe. These are core concepts beyond moves and genre, central skills that give you the power and freedom to chart your own course. Developing these strategies allows you to dance to any music you please, bring your own unique flavor to everything you do, and deepen your soul’s connection to joy in dance and life.

Do this for yourself. Do it for all of us. Together we change the world–one undulation at a time.

Revel in your joy.


“I enjoyed your love letters. When I’m in my head, I am very hard on myself. Your letters helped me see that other people go through the same things, and feel the same way. I appreciate that very much. I watched your blog videos. I taped a practice and wanted to share it. I broke rules. and it was fun. My teacher is one of the bellydance police and she said “where is the bellydance?” I told her…that’s not what this is. This is my heart.” —Water’s Daughter

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Difficult to keep my commitment now! But I don’t let go. Alia, I already noticed a change: in everyday life, I am more in the «present» since I started the commitment, because even when I am not doing it, I am thinking about it and try to put this spirit of consciousness and freedom in most thing that I do. That feels good!” —Pauline Caux Montreal, Prov. of Quebec ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“You helped me stop the voice in my head that tries to stop me from moving because I’m not supposed to do this or that. I learned to play games now. Thank you.” —Water’s Daughter

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Something clicked last night with the beautiful music you sent from Soundcloud. Now my body just wants to move to everything and anything.” —Jennifer Coccetti ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Today’s love note was perfectly timed! The past two days I’ve done my twenty only because I said I would. I wasn’t inspired. I wasn’t into it. I felt excellent nonetheless. I committed. I did it. Yay me! That, I can do. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t commit to being inspired, joyful or at my best, daily for 90 days! What I committed to was: to dance however it comes, daily, for 20 minutes, for 90 days. Also, to learn something. Shimmy on!” —Daniela Gitlin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“About a week ago, I realized I was in a much better place emotionally than I have been for the past 9 months… It’s a bit like a cloud being lifted — or an injection of mojo. Although I didn’t do the 90 days “properly,” your emails kept reminding me that dancing was really important, essential to my well being, and I made time for it — I took dance classes 2-3 times a week, more than I ever have in my entire life. Almost every time I came out of those studios, I was a lighter person than when I’d gone in. Really, you’ve done me a world of good. One day I hope we can meet and I will buy you a drink, or make you a curry. And you are always welcome to visit wherever I am!” —Atisheh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Today was a “fake it ’til you make it” kind of dance. So not wanting to dance – I feel like I have hit a wall – nothing seems to work and all of my muscles seem to be fighting each other. But I made a commitment and I am hoping that this is one of the tough parts that I need to push through. So on goes my 20 minute playlist, I turn down the lights in my studio, close my eyes, turn away from the mirror and surrender to the music and the moment.” —SheShe, BC, Canada ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“”When we are hurt (and there are so many ways in which we have been hurt), especially as children, fight or flight have been exhausted. We are powerless, in the most awful, helpless sense of the word. We have no recourse. We die inside. So begins the withdrawal of the inner child. So begins the trajectory of shame and guilt.”

“Keep this in mind when you try to put this dance in a box. It won’t stay there. It is deeper than any box, deeper than any paradigm, deeper than any of us”

“You cannot fail. No matter what you do–or don’t do.”

Days 23 and 24 were huge for me. Explaining the different kinds of practice. My mind is never happy. It some how wants to fit everything it thinks I should be doing into one session. So if I am playing, exploring, and discovering, my soul finds release. My body lengthens and finds a rhythm guided by something I can’t see, but it is like flying. I move effortlessly. This feels very good and honest. My mind can handle it for a moment. Then I am hit by an anxiety….”well, what about the Egyptian style? You need to be better at that. You need to figure it out. You need to be clean. Unlock that lock. Solve the mystery. Figure out what your body is suppose to be doing every second. Fix those arms! Fix the technique! it needs to be clean!” on and on it goes. So then I will practice the Egyptian style and feel good for a moment, accomplishing what I had set out to do. Next thing I know the anxiety is back….”what about the gypsy music? Did you practice the tambourine? You’re not good enough yet. What about the castanets? What about your zills? You aren’t good enough to play and dance the song you want to use….Why aren’t you there yet!?” Your practice letter on day 23 showed me that there are different kinds of practice

(This is what I do…I have multiple cds, each with their own genre’ of music. One cd is even set aside for veil and sword work. Each day I pick a cd and just dance. I will grab whatever prop goes with a song if it is needed. I just dance. I will find a couple of movements to focus on each practice and leave it at that.) This way of doing things was unsettling until you wrote your letter. It was confirmation. It was a deep breath that I hadn’t taken. I didn’t even know I wasn’t breathing all the way in until I felt my lungs loosen.

Day 24 was someone else stating exactly what is in my head. These things make me cry because the thoughts are quiet, hidden from others, and they hurt so much. Seeing you write them was having my eyes opened for the first time to something I didn’t really know. You feel the same way. I understood that in theory. But I didn’t grasp it until I read the love letter. Our humanity hit me and deep inside, others feel these things.

Now, I feel my own humanity and I don’t run from it. It is like being left alone in a white room with dry erase boards. My thoughts have appeared on the walls inside of my head from the first moment I felt shame. And the words you wrote felt like someone walked into my room, grabbed my hand and said “we’re leaving now”. –Water’s Daughter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“This 90-day dance party came at the right moment for me. A friend of mine who is a recovering alcoholic once told me “the body is the final frontier.” That when we heal, the body is often the last territory we reclaim. I have never been able to allow myself to wear bright colors, to lose weight, to not blend in with my environment. To be noticed was too dangerous when I was a child. I recently started hoop dancing classes, and for the first time I didn’t mind making mistakes. I could laugh & keep going. Hooping made me happy. And my willingness to make mistakes flowed into my belly dance classes…and I got better. This past month, I have hooped a half hour a day, danced 20 and walked 30. And I’ve lost 5 pounds & a clothing size. For the first time, this doesn’t scare me. I like feeling stronger, feeling the upper & lower halves of my body connected strongly together, and not feeling so scared all the time. I wanted to say thank you for having this challenge be simply dancing, simply practicing, for 20 minutes a day, to any music we chose…that it wasn’t specifically belly dance. Dancing to Saltillo in particular moved a lot of energy for me. I can now dance 20 minutes with confidence, authenticity, channel what I need to, and not care about what comes out so much as being in the moment and responding to the music. That is so big a gift to be given. And I know that I am the one doing the work, committing myself to it…but it wouldn’t have happened without you and this 90 day dance party. I cannot thank you enough.” —A Participant of the 90 day challenge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“It is working. I am getting more comfortable with my own dance. My dance, without limitations set by other peoples belly dance stylization dogmas, my dance that I alway (secretly) judged (negatively), and guess what? I kinda like it! I even at a spur of the moment danced to my “big girl” song. The song I saved for when I would be ready (read: good enough, whatever that means) and just danced it and felt it. ♥” —A, the Netherlands ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m not sure what would make this better. I can tell you I really enjoy the music suggestions and I LOVE when you post a video. Those give me a little more direction. The daily notes are great. I look forward to them every day and they keep me motivated and on track. I also love the sense of community and the intellectual discussion. My life tends to largely revolve around family and work and sometimes there just isn’t room in there to kick around various views and ideas. I love that you remain very active in the group. I see you reading every post and responding to many. I have to thank you for this opportunity. I feel like I’m emerging from this cocoon where dance was class and drilling moves and then doing my best to move the same way at the same time as everyone else. …I didn’t know how to move by myself (literally: I would stay glued in one spot). I couldn’t make a decision about what to put where. I watched the other dancers in awe and wondered how long it would take to achieve what they had or if I ever could. This experience has opened everything up wide: allowed me to allow myself to dance like me. DUH! and at the same time: WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!” –Brenda ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Last night after a long day dealing with my mom I confessed to my husband that I hadn’t done my “20” and that I didn’t think it was going to happen. He just smiled pulled me up off the couch and danced me around the room for 20 minutes. Our college age kiddos joined us and we had “family dance time” full of laughter, silliness and much joy! Amazing! My husband told me that I need my “20” because he can tell I feel beautiful if I’ve danced. He told me “90 days nothing, you are doing those “20” every day for the rest of your life!” —Paulina Ley, Freelance Choreographer of Works and Dance, TN



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