Do you cringe at video of your dance?

Hidden (Dreams)

Want to stop?

Dancers love to learn and grow. 

But performance video can be painful. We become so mortified by personal things, body issues, that we can’t even look at our dancing. It would help to have a way of evaluating our own performances that more objective, something that allowed us to take a step back and look with fresh eyes.

But it’s so hard to get good feedback!

It’s hard to grow as a dancer when you don’t get honest critique so you can improve. It’s frustrating to make a new dance–only to get compliments on your costume. Or worse, complaints about your hairstyle. It would be so useful to get feedback on the dance itself.

And what about the feedback we do get? Many well-meaning people criticize us on things that have no relationship to our work—they just project their own opinions onto us. Or they tell us what to do, rather than helping us see our own possibilities in the dance. We need a way to ask for the feedback we want and focus the conversation so we get the information we crave.

What if we don’t like a friend’s dance? What do we say?

Everyone wants to get better, but no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. It can be hard to know what to praise–or how to break the bad news. It would be great to have a checklist, a way to determine the important details of a performance. Wouldn’t you love to have a format that allowed you to be honest AND supportive? You would know how to discover the dancer’s goals and how to help her reach them.

As teachers we may try to critique our students.

Sometimes we have no idea what to say. We want to encourage them. But we don’t know where to start. Or we say what we think and watch our students’ faces fall. We only wanted to help…

Wouldn’t you love a system that you could rely on?

A way to give thoughtful, kind, productive critique? A way to enjoy watching your own dances?

Here it is!

Focus on the Feeling

How to Get and Give Great Critique

FoF is a 5-week online course to build confidence and skills, with a range of tools for constructive, empowering, compassionate critique of self and others.

  • This class is NOT for perfectionist nit-picking.
  • This class IS for objective assessment, group support, and targeted growth as a dancer, artist, and human being.

What we’ll do:

    • Look at the Critique Relationship, Systems for Critique, and Self-Critique, among others.
    • Explore methods of feedback and critique from multiple genres.
    • Learn to avoid typo-critique and get the info we crave.
    • Discover self-critique based on objective criteria so we can focus on our dance.

What you’ll learn:

How do the classes work?

    • Each week, participants explore a different critique method
    • Instructor explains and demos each week’s tools
    • Participants upload and self-critique a short video on Monday
    • Tuesday through Thursday, participants critique each others’ videos (one per day) using the week’s tools
    • Instructor provides daily process feedback (M-F)
    • Fridays we post our learning for the week

Why is this class special? 

    • Private forum (NOT on FB)
    • Modest work load
    • Premium support, with daily interaction and weekly phone calls
    • Experienced, professional, online instruction
    • Tools you can use right away
    • A great crew and super useful critique for you!

The course will run for 6 weeks
Sunday, October 13 — Friday, November 22, 2019 

This way, everyone will be poised for the performance season with new tools and new confidence.

Don’t have time?

You can do this class in 20-30 minutes a day—at your convenience. The material is accessible, useful, and focused. What’s more, the principles apply to any kind of critique you might want to do–so you can take this and adapt it to your other interests.

It’s a super useful course. I’ve been teaching critique to dancers and writers for 20 years. I’m excited to present this system of objective criteria we can all use.

Afraid people will be mean?

We don’t allow it. The tools are designed to keep things positive, honest, and clear. Alia is in the course every day, multiple times, checking each response. Our rule is, Be helpful, be kind, or begone. 


Registration opens in September. Join our email list to stay informed.

Thanks for your interest in Focus on the Feeling.

This course is special because of all the angles.

It approaches the dance as an expression of shared joy, and encompasses any style or genre of belly dance–and pretty much any other thing you might want to evaluate.

  • Practical critique methods you can use in any area of your life.
  • Honest, yet positive, growth-oriented critique models
  • Tested strategies to help you hear critique yet retain your confidence.
  • Productive, painless, self-critique
  • Meet cool people and have lots of fun

Have fun and get better.


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