Alia’s Fun Class–online

These classes are eclectic–something different every time.
There will generally include follow-me improvisation, Dancemeditation™, Alia’s grounding technique, a short combination, musicality study, and improv practice.
This is Ibrahim Farrah’s original class format coupled with Dancemeditation™, both of which have taught me so much about dance and improv.
  • Something different every time.
  • Suitable for all levels, all styles
  • Download or watch online

Here’s a live class sample!

Fun, energizing, grounding, and conceptually stimulating.
Simple on the outside, complex on the inside.

Subscribe and get a new class every week–or every month. Something different every time!
Feeling, taqasim, rhythms, musical interpretation, improvisation, emotions, and more.
Unsubscribe at any time–links in every class email. 

Monthly Fun: A new class once a month for 8 months @ $9.93 per month (cancel any time).

Weekly Pay 8 Class Card: A new class every week, billed each week for 8 weeks @ $9.53 per week (cancel any time). 

8-Class Card: A new class every week for 8 weeks. $68.24 ($8.53 per class).

You’ll get a PayPal receipt within the hour and an email from me with a link to your first class shortly thereafter.

No notes, no muss, no fuss–just a great class to hone skills and have fun.

Drop in for $12 per class: (links coming)