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Alia’s Workshop Buffet

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Photo credit: Ben de Florio


Pot Luck

Alia Thabit

An Arab-American and a Vermont Juried Artist, Alia draws from decades of immersion in technique, history, regional and folkloric styles, props, theatrical and fusion elements, costuming, music, choreography, improvisation, and performance.
Alia explores the traditional roots of her heritage as well as cross-cultural and Western influences, bridging the gap between East and West. Her inspirations range from the strictly traditional to the avant-garde. Enriching a profound feeling for the music with intensive study, she articulates this swirl of influences while retaining an authentic Eastern sensibility. Alia empowers students, bringing out their beauty, confidence, and unique personal expression.

Alia specializes in solo and group improvisation and choreography, using collaborative strategies and flexible teams, with narrative, symbolic, and movement-based structures, grounded in the principles of traditional Oriental music and dance.

Working with choreography and improvisation, Alia develops students’ understanding of dance structure and musical interpretation. Students respond to her warmth, humor, and energy as well as her focus on technical excellence and evocative joy.

Availability & Rates

Suitable for all audiences; Available all year

Solo performances: $250 and up
Duet shows: $500 and up
Company shows: $1,500 and up

School programs: $375 per day; Lec-Dem: $275

Workshops & classes: $200/hr ($165/hr for multiple hours).
Show with workshop: $165
Dance parties: $250 and up
“Bellygrams:” $250 and up
Private lessons: $60/hour plus time, travel, and studio space as needed.

Travel distance is unlimited – mileage, travel expenses, and accommodations additional, as needed

E-mail  [email protected]
Or call Alia at (802) 488-5234