Crackin’ the Cosmic Egg of 2021: Let’s Dance!

Today is filled with New Year advice, suggestions, and resolutions.

I just want to dance.

I’ll dance every day in January, and post it, too. Care to join me?
#Danceuary21 Insta and FB for me; post wherever you like.

Crackin’ the Cosmic Egg 2021

Any music you want. Any outfit you want (your bathrobe or sweats are fine). Any timeframe you want (but let’s make the posts no more than a minute or so). I suggest this as a first song if anyone is wondering what to use: Boom Shakalak

Holiday Hugs and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PS The Bellydance Bundle’s Struggle to Strength is a (NOT) competition–all the good stuff of goals and accomplishment, and none of the bad. It’s a 4-month accountability program with professional feedback. Use my name–ALIA–for a $20 discount.

PPS These are cool. Two different approaches to the sheet music for Alf Leila wi Leila

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