Create Your Glorious Self

Create Your Glorious Self

Create Your Glorious Self with Alia Thabit

Learn how to create a persona to embody confident, glowing, presence in dance, work, or life, so you can show up and SHINE!

In less than 20 minutes a day

Read on…

Don't like being seen?

Don't like being seen?

Are you tired of staying small? Not putting your Big Self out there? Being “safe”?

Do you feel like an imposter? 

Do you freeze on stage?
Worry that you’re not good enough?
Hate your performance?
Lock up just when you want to let go?

Does it stop you from doing what you want to do?

Wouldn't you love to SHINE?

We squint into the mirror and criticize ourselves–constantly. The more anxious and ashamed we feel, the harder it is to relax. Then we bring our criticizing, fault-finding, frightened self to the party…

What if someone else could show up for us? 

What if Wonder Woman would show up? Or Lizzo?

Bastet, Egyptian goddess of dance? Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of love, sex, war, and hunting? Michelle Obama, official First Lady of Badass? Superman, Catwoman, any person, creature, or character who embodies what you want for yourself!

What if you could create a Persona
who embodies all the things you long to be?

Bruce Wayne created Batman. Beyonce created Sasha Fierce. 

Who might you create?
What does Super Hero You look like?

What if you could walk a new path with a group of thoughtful, interesting people who are doing the same thing? Taking the same risk with you?

Ready to Make a Change?


Create Your Glorious Self!

Dance, Work, Family. Whatever, Wherever, Whenever. You, 2.0

This ten-week course runs Thursday, September 1 through Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Create Your Glorious Self
Your Glorious Self: YOU 2.0

Science-Based Strategies!
We did allll the research, distilled all the wisdom! We have read books and done the personal work. All of it has gone into the development, practice and performance offered here to you today. It’s real. It works. Guaranteed.

Gain Confidence!
We develop self-confidence through ACTION. We remove our roadblocks, make behavioral changes, and practice them daily. We resolve nervous system activation and grow our grounding skills. As these shifts filter through the body, we begin to feel different. Better. Happier. More secure. 

Grow your Serenity!
As YOU change, so do your circumstances. We will help your nervous system learn to reset, so you can re-pattern your responses. Imagine calmly standing up for yourself. Or simply ignoring them–and feeling great about it. BOOM!

Enjoy your Life!
It’s hard constantly thinking, worrying, and trying to decide what to do. You can’t enjoy yourself or your performance–and it shows. 

Your Glorious Self KNOWS what to do. Remove worry. Replace indecision with confident action. Step up, and step out! You will feel the difference!

Feel confident, relaxed, and ready to BE SEEN!

We’re not talking airy-fairy, feel-good toxic positivity, either, We’re talking REAL change. Durable change.  Systematic, science-based strategies. Tailored to your specific Venue. 

Behavioral Design + Guided Practice + Accountability + Trauma Resolution = Blossoming!

Behavioral Design

Cutting-edge, science-based  strategies to design your best self, and embody the attributes you need to succeed

Guided Practice

We help you craft your perfect routine to get maximum benefit in minimal time, and support your practice with daily accountability


People who post regular progress reports are 79% more like to succeed. We read your posts and respond to you

Every. Single. Day.

Trauma Resolution

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) personal sessions to release old blocks and fears so you can move forward and enjoy your life!


Your Glorious Self: You, 2.0

But I don’t have time!

CYGS takes less than 20 minutes a day
Some classes pile on the work. Hours of video and audio! When will you find time? Your Glorious Self has a one-hour group meeting per month, and less than 20 minutes of daily practice time, sprinkled throughout the day. Tiny habits help you practice effectively and consistently. We create your Glorious Self and bring them into your chosen Venue, one baby step at a time for long-term success

Fast, easy, daily accountability
 One of the biggest predictors of success is accountability. Folks who make daily progress reports are 79% more likely to succeed. Our accountability model is easy to do, and there’s immediate gratification! When you complete your chosen practice, let us know with one tap on a simple phone app–and we will respond! Have a problem? Get fast feedback with easy messaging for convenience and quick solutions
Quiet People

But I’m an Introvert!

CYGS is GREAT for introverts

Introverts are quiet people. We may struggle to be seen and heard. Sometimes we say the heck with it and just go away. Your Glorious Self empowers more curious, outgoing facets of your personality. They help you bring your best to the table, confident, self-assured, and ready to rock!

Individual attention

Other courses just drop a pile of files on you, leaving you to sort it out yourself. There you are, all alone with hours of video and no one to help. No one to answer your questions, walk you through the process, or refine it to YOUR unique needs. We are here for you, every step of the way and beyond. Every participant gets time in every group meeting, PLUS personal time with Alia to make your experience the right fit for YOU.

STOP freezing, doubting, and blaming yourself!

Find your ZONE, for performance, work, or play!

Feel prepared and BOLD in your chosen Venue!

ROCK your challenging situations!

Behavior Creates Emotion

Want to feel bold? Act As If you are bold. It’s simple, and it works.

All of us have many facets of our personality. Different facets show up in different situations. Sometimes our past experiences color our present-day life. We get stuck in old patterns of behavior that once kept us safe, yet do not really serve us any more. Our leftover anxiety, self-doubt, and shame get in the way of our hopes and dreams. 

Create Your Glorious Self is about redesigning how we show up in our more challenging situations. 

What does Bold look like? How does your carriage change? Your face? Your voice? The things you say? 

Maybe Bold is kinda big for you right now, so you create a Persona who can be bold–and you practice that. 

Try it out… 


Behavior Creates Emotion

The heartbeat of this class!

We smile when we’re happy, right? Well, surprise! It also works the other way around.

When we smile, we feel happier. 

Try it! Pull the corners of your mouth back and up towards your ears. Give it a moment… 

What happens? Maybe you…<gasp!> feel a little happier? 

Try this next–act as if you are celebrating. The real deal, happy dance, big grin, wooo-hooo!!!! 


What happens? 


Amazing, right? Study after study confirms this. Behavior creates emotion. When you act As If you feel a certain way–you feel that way. We’ll use this principle to create Personae for ourselves–characters, alter-egos, secret identities–who embody the qualities we want to nurture. 

For example, maybe we want to feel more confident when we dance. Or at work. Or wherever. When we act as if we are confident–we feel confident! As we practice acting confident, by developing and running Tiny Habits multiple times a day, it sinks in and become second nature.  

Wonder Woman has Diana Prince
Superman has Clark Kent

Who might you have? 

Trust the Process

Do the work. Change your life.

Design Your Glorious Self

Design Your Glorious Self
What will you wear? How will you carry yourself? What kinds of things will you say? How will your voice sound? Dream BIG.

Practice Your Glorious Self

Practice in the Mirror (expression courtesy of Grace Jones ❤️
Connect with your inner fierce

Frustration = Learning!

Frustration = Learning. Hang in there--it gets better!
Learning new skills takes energy. Frustration is a sure sign of success. It's normal. Hang in there!

Resolve Old Blocks and Fears

Nervous System Reset
Somatic Experiencing® helps to settle your body, mind, and soul

Check-In Daily

Daily accountability ups success odds by 79%!


After you run each new habit, Celebrate!


Will You?

Your Guide, Alia Thabit

Alia Thabit

Alia Thabit is an Arab-American dancer, author, artist, and guide. Her teaching, coaching, and performing celebrate belly dance’s cultural ideals of feeling, improvisation, playfulness, and joy.

Alia became a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner to better help people connect to their body and soul with pleasure and ease. Her dance classes, coaching, and SE sessions help participants reclaim their joyful spirit and deep well of creativity.

 Alia is the author of Midnight at the Crossroads, a book about the heart and soul of belly dance. She has taught dance since 1977, designed and taught college classes since 1998, online college classes since 2004, and live Zoom dance classes since 2016.

Alia knows how to design and lead courses, in-person and online; she knows how to create a safe, welcoming space; and she is here for YOU.

How is the course structured?

Ten-week Course
The course runs from Thursday, Sept 1 through Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Pre-Start Meet and Greet
We’ll get together on Zoom before we even get going, to meet one another, hang out, and establish comfort.

Bi-Weekly Small Group Live Zoom Meetings (with recordings)
We’ll check in together and practice our new skills with each other in breakout rooms! 

Bi-weekly pre-recorded dance classes to explore embodying attributes through behavior!
Alia’s Inspiring FUN Classes, BOLD and Luscious will be released every other week, so you can have some extra practice embodying archetypes and attributes to increase confidence and comfort with the process.

Three Individual Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Zoom Sessions
We’ll meet where you are at right now, and begin to settle any activation, nerves, whatever around the process. SE is a gentle modality. You don’t have to talk about your past or much of anything at all. And it WORKS. 

Daily Check-Ins
Between meetings, we’ll chat via email to make sure all is well. Any problems we’ll iron out right away, so you can get back to building your badass Glorious Self!

Daily Practice of Your Glorious Self
Tiny Habits make tiny practice sessions throughout the day. This repeated practice develops skills quickly.

Daily Accountability
Record your practice, and get validation! Our smartphone app makes accountability a breeze

How does the class work?

This course integrates the work of Brian Johnson’s Optimize Coaching program with the work of William James, Amy Cuddy, Gary Kellar, Ellen Langer, Todd Herman, Daniel Z. Lieberman, Paul Napper & Anthony Rao, Richard Wiseman and many more. Each of these spoke to me, inspiring me to upgrade my life, my way of being in the world. As I have internalized this work, I have found myself wanting to share it. Here it is. 

May it serve you ❤️

  • Age-old principles
  • Cutting-edge science
  • Work WITH the brain
  • Simple process
  • Proven results
  • Streamlined, power-packed distillation of multiple systems for lasting results
  • A lasting personal process you can apply to any situation in your life
  • Transformative effect

  • Small, supportive groups
  • B-weekly group Zoom meetings for skills development
  • Monthly individual Somatic Experiencing® (SE) sessions for nervous system settling
  • Daily Guided Practice,
    > 20 mins per day
  • Fit in anywhere
  • Skills for self-settling
  • Tools you can USE

  • Tailored to YOUR interests
  • Focus YOUR specific vision
  • Discover YOUR unique voice
  • Transcend limiting beliefs
  • Level up your sense of self
  • Build confidence
  • Turn anxiety into excitement
  • Show up and be seen
  • Enjoy your dance
  • Enjoy your guests
  • Bring Your Badass!

Wait, is this really for me?

Is more to you than what you present in everyday life? 

Do you want more confidence?

Are you tired of being overlooked or undervalued, of underperforming and overthinking?

Do fear, resentment, worry, or despair hold you back?

Have you thought, and listened, and reflected, and realized maybe you have something to say?

Do you want to move in the world with grace and confidence, to embody the best of yourself?

Are you are ready for something new?

If you want to have a fun, exciting adventure, exploring, creating, and enjoying a New You…


If you are ready to change your life…

This course is for you!

Questions and Answers

When does the class start and stop?
This is a 10-week course. The class runs from Thursday, Sept 1 through Wednesday, November 9, 2022.  
Registration opens at noon EDT on Wednesday, August 17, 2022. There are 15 seats. 

When are the live meetings?
The live meetings are 60 minutes, every other week. The times are decided by the group. We make sure they suit everyone. All group meetings are recorded and available during the course.

What if I don’t like the people?
Our people tend to be pretty cool. We are all in this together, and we have ground rules about how we treat each other. Our pre-start meet and greet gives everyone a chance to get to know each other. If you prefer to be in a group (or not in a group), with anyone in particular, just let Alia know. 

What if I don’t like the course?
You have our Great Pyramid Guarantee: If you decide CYGS is not for you, you have up to three weeks of class to request a full refund (minus 8% non-refundable processing fee). 

Is there a payment plan?
Yes! See the pricing chart below. There’s even a sliding scale!

What this Course is NOT

This course is NOT another collection of files and video, time-consuming, complicated homework, or any kind of snake-oil, empty affirmation, pie in the sky. This is not a venue for perfectionism, self-shaming, or bitterness. This is NOT about passively waiting for something to change.

What this Course IS

This course IS about Transformation. It’s about making the changes you want to see. It’s a system, composed of cutting-edge, scientifically-proven principles and strategies. 

Together, we will identify your Glorious Self, develop your personal practice for integrating these attributes, support your process of change through group and individual sessions, provide daily accountability and feedback (premium), plus three months of followup (premium). 

dance to the rescue

That’s up to six months of personal attention to help you Create and LIVE Your Glorious Self!


Read More
Even if the assignment seems odd, or weird, or hard or ______ (fill in your own word) just complete it as assigned. It might not make sense in the moment you are doing it. But I promise that it will come together.

Know that you get what you give. This course is for you. It is designed to help you open up, be more creative, and learn. So let the course do its job. Let Alia do her job. And when you are all done, be amazed at how much you have learned, how much you have shared and how much you have grown!

(from Create Dance Art)

Jennie HarrimanArt With Jennie
Read More
Alia asked dancers in this community to give her one word to describe the experience. I chose transformative. This whole experience has enlightened and informed my dance practice in an empowering way. I feel more confident with my approach, and my quality of life is simply better since I have been focusing so much on doing what I love.

And not only doing what I love, but doing it in a way that is right for me. I feel as if I have been given permission to be who I am in my dance. Thank you, Alia, for helping me reach myself.

I love the freedom I now feel to dance in my own way!”

(from the 90 Day Dance Party)

Vanessa TaylorPresident, Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand
Read More
The realisations that come, in this short space in time, are life changing. We are stronger, more confident and have tools to continue to grow and develop - I say 'we' because I can see the change in the other students too.

It is a pleasure to see all of us talk, share ideas, listen and support each other - we learnt and developed at a staggering rate over a short time period. Always a work in progress, but a very solid foundation to spring off.

That is a very special gift. Thank you Alia. You are a God Send.

(from How to Make a Dance in Five Days)

Allie GMusician and Dancer
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I absolutely love it. On my first read through, my thought was that yeah, this describes me but there can't be that many others out there feeling the same way.

Then, I got to the good stuff of creating the YOU you want to be. How it is all grounded in science and not all woo woo and how the support is built into the program.

It's groundbreaking. You just can't find this kind of program anywhere else, at least I've never come across it.

This will be very interesting for me. Your class is a totally new approach, working from the inside out, providing fertile soil for the seed that is already there and just needs the right environment to grow and blossom. I'm looking forward to this experiment.


Our Great Pyramid Guarantee

If you decide CYGS is not for you, you have up to three weeks of class to request a full refund (minus 8% processing fee).

What makes this course special?

Trauma Resolution! 

Reduce your anxiety–for good
Most courses provide only lip service (if that), to systematically reducing participants’ emotional charge around sensitive topics. Long-held fear, resentment, and shame don’t just go away on their own.

We provide three Somatic Experiencing® (SE) sessions to each participant. Alia is a trained Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. SE is a gentle, body-friendly model of trauma resolution and nervous system settling.  Unresolved trauma is the root cause of most anxiety, fear, rage, judgement, despair, perfectionism, and negative self-talk. It can cause myriad health, relationship, and life problems (worth $405). 

We reinforce this with grounding and settling exercises in each group meeting, so you have a toolbox to take with you. We teach you how to recognize that spike of adrenaline, and to reframe it into excitement

The great thing about SE is that when something gets resolved, it’s GONE.

Lift, release, resolve, let go
GONE. Imagine that feeling. It can be yours!

Premium Bonuses

Three Followup Meetings!
 Other courses ignore you after you buy. We give you three months of personalized follow-up, as you integrate Your Glorious Self into your chosen venues–and maybe even create new alter egos for new challenges! (value: $150)

Easy, Quick, Daily Accountability!
Use a simple smartphone app to share daily progress and receive affirmation straight from Alia–right through the app. Every. Single. Day. Check in with your progress, message Alia and get a personal reply. Even share your progress with any Accountability Partners you might wish to add. It’s fast, easy, pleasant, and best of all–right there on your phone! (value: $375)

We're going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!

Treasure chest!

When have you ever seen anything like this before? It is an all-new venture; we will be on this rollercoaster ride learning together in a completely new way! I am so excited to present this! I’ve been exploring these principles over the last several months–they WORK. 

Fun, fantasy, dress-up, a cool group, a secret identity–we got it all!

If you want a fun, exciting adventure,
If you are ready to create a New You,
if you are ready to change your life…

This course is for you!

The 10-week course starts on Thursday, September 1 2022 and runs through Wednesday, November 9.  

Registration closes at 2pm edt on Thursday, Sept. 1. 

There are 15 seats…  

Thank you for your interest in Create Your Glorious Self!

Registration is now closed. To get early notice of the next session, please join our mailing list. You will receive a FREE class that shows some of the strategies you can use to create your glorious self!

Alia Thabit

With love, 

PS: Somatic Experiencing® (SE) has transformed my life. Before, I hid in corners at parties and looked at the bookshelves. I was terrified of making a mistake and even more terrified of being caught doing so. I hated seeing myself in the mirror and hid behind other dancers in class. I worried more about whether people liked me than whether I liked them. It was a tough way to live, and a tougher way to be an artist. 

Now, I like myself. I like my work–and I have a clearer perspective on where I need improvement–without that oh-so-familiar squeeze of shame. And I am so much better at what I do! For me, Somatic Experiencing® was the main tool that got me unstuck. For this course, I have researched and pulled together so many cutting-edge strategies! A broad palette of options so you have choices, so you can find what works for YOU. 

Will this course cure all your ills? Of course not. But it has the power to set you on your true path; to find out what works for YOU, what YOU want, and how to get there; to help you step out into a safe container with folks who care about your happiness, who have your best interests at heart. 

Each piece of this course has been tested and thought through. Only the best is included. It’s going to be new and different. It will take effort, and the results will be worth it. 

Will you join us? 

I so look forward to this journey with you!