How to Dance (or Speak) for the Camera

Our social interaction happens through video these days, and we may be doing it for a while. This course helps dancers, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs (and others) communicate through the camera.

Through six bi-weekly small-group meetings, and two private sessions, we will step gently through a sequence of exercises designed to bring comfort and even <gasp!> pleasure to the on-camera experience. 

I am a lifelong introvert. I had been mortified for decades by seeing myself on camera. 
Now, I like myself! 
So can you!

Learn to feel relaxed and natural, to find your voice, and to create a vibrant on-camera experience.

Unsettling? This class can help!

How to Dance (or Speak) for the Camera gives you all the things!

What we’ll do

  • Settle, relax, and respond in the presence of the camera
  • Look through the lens to bring joy to our beloved guests on the other side
  • Practice with trusted friends
  • Find and celebrate the good to develop confidence and resilience
  • Develop skills in both impromptu and pre-recorded presentations
  • Create a promo video you can use right away!

One of the best things I got from this class was how to love the camera. Prior to this class, I was so afraid of the camera, the video, the equipment, etc… I found it all so totally intimidating, however, with Alia’s guidance, I was able to see through the “equipment” and find my loving fans/audience was just beyond that lens.

The class was extremely supportive and we helped each other navigate being in front of the camera in role-playing situations. By the end of the course, I was able to dance for my adoring fans (the camera…lol) with much more ease, eye contact, and confidence. This class is really for anyone who wants to dance or even talk in front of a camera. Alia shares all kinds of secrets in this class that I truly benefited from. You will be amazed at what you will learn!

Carrie Robinson, Florida

Six live bi-weekly Zoom sessions bring participants through a carefully-curated series of steps designed to bring friendliness to camera work and video viewing. We do this in small groups to create camaraderie and ease. In addition to our group sessions, you get two private sessions, just for you.

Private sessions!

Private sessions, lessons, coaching, etc. are incredibly helpful, as they address your specific goals. These are your sessions, to use however you want: Tech, troubleshooting, skills development; resolving fear, freeze, or anger; making eye contact, being present and engaged without making eye contact, all and sundry are options.

Whatever your goals in online engagement, we address them in the personal sessions. Working together, we find your best way to reach your goals.

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Thank you for your interest!

With love,