Alia’s Inspiring Fun Classes!

Live and Online

These classes are eclectic–something different every time.
Usual suspects: Follow-me improvisation, Alia’s somatic grounding techniques, a short combination, genre, prop, or musicality study, and a Dancemeditation section for relaxation and joy.

Alia’s classes increase improv confidence, build trust in the body, and regulate the nervous system.
I am passionate about this. Belly dance is already a stellar venue for relaxation and resolution. On top of this I have built in many Somatic Experiencing® (SE) strategies to highlight this feature.
Dancers feel relaxed, energized, and happy. So will you!

This draws from Ibrahim Farrah’s original class format, infused withSomatic Experiencing™ and Dancemeditation™, all of which have taught me so much about dance and improv.
  • Something different every time
  • Suitable for all levels, all styles
  • Live and online options

How does this work?

Each week, we stream the class live via Every one is welcome to join the live class. It is so pleasant to be together with other folks who all want to enjoy themselves with dance! After the class, usually within 48 hours, the new class is posted for streaming. The class stays up for a week, when it is replaced with the next class. Zoom is free and easy to use. The sound and video quality are good, and there is virtually no lag in the livestream. We send reminder emails with the link shortly before each class begins.

Fun, energizing, grounding, and conceptually stimulating.
Simple on the outside, complex on the inside.

No notes, no muss, no fuss–just a great class to hone skills and have fun.

Live Online Fun Classes
Because the pandemic is keeping many of us all inside and out of work, we are pleased to offer our regular fee, PLUS a special Pay What You Like option and a Sliding Scale payment plan, for those of us who are financially impacted by disaster, injustice, etc.
Alia's Legendary FUN Class: Bobby Style II - with Zils on!
Alia's Legendary FUN Class: Bobby Style II - with Zils on!
Our next FUN Class Deep Dive will be...

Bobby Style II - with Zils on!

Not Bobby's actual style, but a class structured much as his classes were back in the 70s.And this time, we're adding zils!

What made Bobby's classes special?

Interleaving and varied practice. Rather than sticking with one thing until we got it, you keep the brain always reaching. You do different things so the brain never knows what to expect. You cycle through things randomly so they are different every time.

Bobby never repeated. Never. Every single time, he did something completely different: combinations, ideas, music, everything--including zils.

Because we constantly re-encountered moves we knew conjoined in new ways and with moves we didn’t, we continuously re-contextualized every move. This sort of constellation-making is another facet of high-level learning, as we encountered the familiar and the unfamiliar in multiple frameworks, different combos with different transitions to different music.

NOTE: This is NOT a class to learn zils. For that, see Ziltastic. This IS a class to USE zils. You can also NOT use them. Zils are completely OPTIONAL. We will use zils only with our across the floor combos (10-15 mins). We will highlight classic steps--and add zils to them.

Feel free to simply do the combination without the zils, or play air zils if you like.

What will we do?

* Across the floor traveling steps and combos WITH (optional) ZILS (all participant zils will be muted. ONLY instructor zils will be audible).
* Learn weekly combinations composed on the spot (different every time)
* Follow-me and open dance time, as with all our themes
* Develop personal expression and style

Bobby's approach is invaluable for developing intuitive movement and confidence. Read more about Bobby's work here and here

Bobby Style II runs Tuesdays at 4pm EDT for five weeks, from Jan 11-Feb 15, 2021. (NO CLASS Feb 8) See this in your time zone (add to calendar button in link). Each class is recorded (instructor view only). Each recording is available for a full week.

Pay in Full $60
Pay Weekly $12.50/week for 5 weeks
Sliding Scale $6.50/week for 5 weeks
Pay What You Will. Open to All.
BIPOC, LGBTQ+, MENAHT and other marginalized groups, please use this option