How to Find the Road to Joy

Would you love to feel good about yourself?

Breathe!Breath is a big step on the road to joy. Conscious breath strategies help us free ourselves from anxiety, ground ourselves in the moment, develop confidence and self-compassion, and survive–even thrive in–our high-stress lifestyles.

As promised last week, The Road to Joy: Breath is going live. Not on June 7th, though. I am embarked upon a high-level meeting in NYC tomorrow afternoon, and I hope to have some pret-ty interesting news to share after that. But it takes a lot of time to drive to NYC for crazy meetings, so I have pushed back R2J for a week. The whole shebang now goes live on Monday, May 16th. So you get an extra week for early, trust the chef pricing! See that here:

Of course, there are other steps to joy, and we will look at them, too. My big push right now, though, is to finish the book. I’m fully immersed in the last round of edits and revisions. The end is in sight. Fingers crossed! More on this soon.


And now for today’s other big news: Someone unlocked my cage, so I will be running around loose much of the summer. It’s not all set yet, but it looks like I will be in

If you might be around, please hit me up. I’m available for parties, coffee breaks, workshops, and private lessons.

K, gotta hit the road now.

Lots and LOTS of love!


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