Goodbye, 2015

 ChaosWhat a rollercoaster.


There were great highs–the 90 Day Dance Challenge. A Mardi Gras road trip with Tamalyn Dallal. Teaching in Egypt for Leila Farid. The Small Product Lab. Sufi Camp with Dunya McPherson. Ziltastic. Open Heart. Effortless. Performing at Amity’s birthday party. I took some classes, too, and met some wonderful people.

There were also some lows. Life chaos ratcheted up, week after week. It was pretty scary. I ate carbs, freaked out, and felt helpless.

What lesson am I to learn from all this? Maybe it has to do with the irony of being completely undone by stress while writing about belly dance as a venue for stress relief. It would have been easy to dance for the lousy 20 minutes a day that would help me stay together. But I didn’t do it.

How does stress do this?  How can we know exactly what would help, have it free, easy to do, and yet not do it? This response does not serve me.

So now what? How do I keep myself together and do what I need to do?


Something is brewing in my head. It has to be simple. It has to be consistent. It has to work. It’s probably going to involve video, so it has to be dead easy.

I’ll be back with a plan. Simple, consistent, effective. A daily dose of serenity. You might like to join me.

Are you in? 









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  1. You bet!

  2. I am so in!

    • Yay, hugs!

  3. Always,

    • Big kiss!

  4. Count me in too……

  5. Sounds like you are brewing up something good!

    • Fingers crossed! ; )

  6. Yes, I’m in! I was literally just telling my hubby how it makes no sense that I didn’t commit more time to dance… It’s the one thing that grounds me and that I find pure joy in doing… That’s crazy!

    • Seriously, what the heck? It is crazy!

    • Yeah! Big hugs!

  7. I am in! I don’t want to whack away at life harder, just sharpen the sword. Right?

    • Exactly!

    • Wonderful!

    • Hugs <3

  8. YES! I am in! Maybe this will also help me lose those darn heart palpitations again…

    • Yeah. Let’s do this.

    • We’ll do this together!

  9. I’m definitely interested.

    • Great, thanks! More soon!

  10. I surely need it, because I asked me these questions all year long!!

    • Pauline, I miss you <3

  11. Count me in!

    • Thanks, Coarali! More soon.

  12. I am so overweight and outta shape. Signed up for a in-person class, but this sounds right on. Count me in!

    • Yay! Hugs, Neva.

    • Sweet! <3

  13. Let’s do it!

    • Boom! Do it, we shall!

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