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How to Spark your Personal Style

I’m struck by how many of us welcome the opportunity to step outside of our normal box. I hear from many dancers relishing new ways of being. Yet many of us also pine for our own style. 

As dancers, this is our highest calling. We are not here to be anyone else. We are here to bring our own unique voice to the world. And that means doing things the way we feel them. 

Sure we have to learn. We copy when we learn—everyone does. But then we put our own flavor, our own spin, our own feeling. That’s what art is. But we get so trussed up by rules and regulations and other people’s baggage it is hard to let our freak flag fly. 

fly away

This is why we’re here. To let go of the inner tattletale who expects us to fail. Our failure reassures the vultures who fatten themselves at our expense. The internet trolls who make snide comments on our most tender videos. The “teachers” who disdain anything that doesn’t look just like them—and forbid you to study with others. The people who tell you that to develop your personal style you have to copy copy copy for years and years and learn everything and be perfect and THEN, MAYBE you will be ready for a personal style.


Start NOW. 

Take classes with lots of high-quality teachers. Watch and learn. Fill the well. Pour it in. But then let it go. Do it your body’s way. Dance what you feel. 

Bobby Farrah told us every day to adapt the moves to suit ourselves, to make them our own. From Day 1. The beauty of micro movement is that no two moves need ever be exactly alike. There is no Platonic Ideal. There is the moment, and the music, and the body, and the feeling, and the breath. Their alignment is magical. And that is Art. 

Our dance is different from most others. We have this movement vocabulary. It’s unique and remarkable. But people think that’s all it is—perfection of the form. There is so much more inside this dance. It is a magical, spiritual, healing pleasure. 

Let it heal you. 

It will. 

Speaking of Healing…

I’ve gotten more deeply into visualizing the upcoming Solace experience, and realized that, while we need soothing, we also need enlivening. Relax AND Energize. So I’ve adapted the original plan to be a little more… uplifting. I even changed the picture. And the name ; )




Kindle your heart

Energizing, Relaxing, Soothing, Enlivening.

  • Weekly Follow-me + free dance Zoom immersion.
  • Twice-weekly Spots of Sparkle
  • Grounding. Regulating. Nourishing.
  • Self-compassion. Rest. Breath. Awakening

Six weeks.
For you.

Fill the well. Hold yourself close. Kindle your intuitive flow.


Want SPARK*? More info (and registration) is here: https://aliathabit.com/shop/#trust

Still deciding?
We’ll have a FREE session next Friday July 30 (YES, there will be a recording). Sign up here: https://alia-thabit.ck.page/sparkfree


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