Improvise to an Improvisation?

I made a lil video of me dancing to my own music map for the Bundle’s Instagram Challenge last week (it’s still on until10/22, with new prompts every day!).

My “UnDrill” invited dancers to make their own music maps and to dance them. For this purpose, I made a pretty straight ahead, fairly representational map.

Here’s a picture of it (and here’s the song).

When you watch/hear the video, you can see I put one phrase of the music on each line–until I got to the taqsim, which is more free form, but still fairly linear.

But it made me think about even more abstract maps…

So I made another one, with the rest of the song. Try dancing this map as you listen to the music. Let the drawing come in through your eyes and the music come in through your ears, and let your body decide how to follow them. Put aside linearity and control; let your body move as it wishes.

How does it go?

I’d love to hear from you!

In other news…

The Bundle Scholarship Application is live!

See it here:
If you are:

Of MENAHT origin/descent
(and/or) Are of Indigenous origin
(and/or) Are Black
(and/or) Are a POC
(and/or) Part of the LGBTQ+ community
(and/or) Live in a country whose currency is weak against the dollar, pricing you out of the Bundle this year…
AND would not be otherwise able to purchase and participate in this year’s Bellydance Bundle please fill out the form below to apply for one of our 15 award seats.

9 award seats will go to marginalized dancers, and the other 6 will go to dancers living in countries whose currency is weak against the dollar.

Scholarships will be awarded via random draw of all applicants on October 18th at which point everyone who applied will be contacted via the e-mail address provided on the application.

Your application and scholarship will be kept private. Your financial situation is no one’s business but yours.

There is no proof of identity or financial need required.

Apply here: Please share!

How to Write a Blog Post–THIS SATURDAY!

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And finally….

How to Make a Dance is 5 Days is happening!

Thursday Oct 28 to Tuesday, Nov 2 (we’ll skip Halloween, Oct 32). Virtual video sharing, Wednesday, Nov 3.
Daily prompt with QnA. Private Teachable group for cheerleading and camaraderie. Regular price and sliding scale.
More info and registration is here:

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