Creative Expressions Mastermind

Want to go far? Go with a group…

I am very excited about this new venture. 

This Mastermind is for a small group (+/- five people) that meet online bi-weekly for two months (five total meetings of about two hours per meeting). Each member chooses their own creative goals while the group provides accountability. 

Everyone gets twenty minutes per meeting to talk about what they’ve done, troubleshoot or discuss. There is coaching for the member, and they choose their new goals or next steps for the coming month.

What might you focus on? It could be any kind of creative goal, dance, improvisation, a prop, or anything you want to learn or get better at, painting, costume making, writing, marketing, establishing boundaries, whatever you want to work on. 

This Mastermind will run through September and October. Meeting times will be decided by the group. Meetings will be recorded and available via

More information coming soon.

There are only ten spaces available for the mastermind. Formal registration opens in August. However, if you are sure this is for you, you may partake of our special Trust the Chef pricing (full price: 156.68). 


Premium Trust the Chef Pricing  $99.56 
Premium Trust the Chef Payment Plan $35 per month for 3 months