Artist’s Creative Expression Mastermind


Want to go far? Go with a group…

This Mastermind is for a small group (+/- seven people) that meet online monthly for three months–four group meetings of up to 90 minutes each, plus mid-month email connections. Each member chooses their own creative goals while the group provides accountability. 

Each participant gets to talk about what they’ve done, as we troubleshoot, and discuss. There is coaching for each member, and they choose their new goals or next steps for the coming month.

What might you focus on? It could be any kind of creative goal–dance, improvisation, a prop, anything you want to learn or get better at: painting, costume making, writing, marketing, establishing boundaries, speaking your mind, whatever you want to work on. 

This Mastermind will run in 3-month sessions, beginning with a summer session from mid June through September. Meetings will be on the third or fourth Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm edt. Meetings will be recorded and available to participants only.

More information coming soon.