New Years Eve Radio & Show + 90 Days Sharegasm price ends Wednesday

It’s New Year’s Eve! 
I’ll be dancing in the Rabble Rousers show at Echo, the Leahy Center in in Burlington VT! We go on at 11:30 or so–come hang out if you are in the area. 

For those at home, come visit with me, Cassandra ShorePatricia Cumbie (author of The Shape of a Hundred Hips), on the radio! We’ll be talking about belly dance and healing, artistry, music, and cultural values. It’s sure to be a winner–even our planning meeting was a blast. It’s 7-8pm CST (see this in your time zone) on the programWrite On Radio, KFAI Minnesota

And finally, the Sharegasm+1 price for the 90 Days expires at midnight on Jan 1. I’ll wait until the end of the day, but if you want the very best deal on the most unique event in all of belly dance, find a friend to dance with and take advantage of this offer. There’s even a payment plan.

The 90 Day Dance party costs about as much as one-day workshop–but it gives you three months of personal support in a really cool group of interesting people doing something different, fascinating, and wildly fulfilling. 

Each person’s experience is unique–someone once characterized the Love Notes as signposts on a journey that pointed in different directions for each person who read them. 

Everyone has their own path to their true self, the real you. That’s what this is all about–getting to that place, where you are in the moment, enjoying yourself, your dance, they music, and everything is YES. 

Come join us!


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