Why we work on One Skill at a Time (and save our sanity)

The webinar last week turned out really well. An hour of rock-solid information, a host of extra resources (more on that below), plus 15 minutes of Q+A. One of the questions asked about students improvising.

What to do when all kinds of random stuff comes out–not belly dance at all?!

My advice? 

Let it. 



We talked about this a little a few weeks back in terms of freewriting. The little pipe in our head that the thoughts come out of gets easily clogged. It’s the same with improvisation. The important central concept is Don’t Think. Just follow. The first skill is to get out of our own way. Just allow the body to move as it wishes. This means letting go of judging and controlling. This is the most important thing. Everything else comes later. 

In the beginning, all kinds of rusty water will come gurgling out of us. And that’s OKAY. Just let it out.

Looking pretty comes later ; )

Avoid the mirror. Close the eyes. Breathe with the music, use slow movement–and let it out. 


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