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Sacred Dance Summit (+ Fun Things to D)

I’m so pleased many folks have enjoyed my interview for Sacred Dance Summit! The Summit been a wonderful opportunity for me to share my experiences with others.
My interview, and those of our other four speakers, will be available free through May 8–register here to get access.
Leslie Zehr author of “The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer” is your host for this free online Sacred Dance Summit. She has brought together five women well know in the world of bellydance to speak about their journeys with the spiritual and mystical dimensions of bellydance.
The summit runs May 4th-8th. Each day at 12am PDT (3am EDT, 7am GMT/UTC, 9am EET, 3pm AWST) a new interview will be released. The interview will be available for viewing for free until the end of the summit!
Sacred Dance Summit May 2020 Speakers line-up:
Day 1: Awakened Bellydance ~ All Movement is Divine when the Heart is Danced Awake with Katie Holland
Day 2: Belly Dance: a Healing Jewel that Connects us to the Divine with Alia Thabit
Day 3: Spiritual Empowerment through Bellydance with Carrie Konyha
Day 4: Somatic Approaches for Dance – How to Enhance Sensory Awareness with Keti Sharif
Day 5:Embodied Bellydance – Ancient wisdom meets contemporary somatic intelligence with Maria Sangiorgi
In addition to the interviews each of our speakers has a wonderful free gift for you on the interview page.
For my gift to Summit registrants, I’ve included the full chapter on Practice from Midnight at the Crossroads: has belly dance sold its soul?
Be sure to check it out and take advantage of it. It is an excellent way to get to know our speakers better, as well as a way to expand your awareness of the healing and sacred side of bellydance.
Hope you will join us to hear what all these wonderful ladies have to say as we glimpse behind the veils of the ancient art of bellydance. And please share with your friends!
Registration is easy and the summit is free!
For those who’d like to keep the interviews past tomorrow, the All Access Pass is a great deal.
I hope you will join us to hear what all these thoughtful  women have to say as we “peek behind the veils” of the ancient art of bellydance. And please share with your friends. Thank you!

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Fun Things to Do

I’ve got some great new things coming up, Including How to Dance for the Camera, Focus on the Felling–A Dancer Empowerment Project, and  Tuning In–Group Chillout Session. More on these shortly. 

The Fun Class continues with Pandemic Pricing through May! Come dance and relax and feel good with us!

What I want to highlight today is today is the free classes Tamalyn has been giving on Facebook. The links below can be viewed without having a facebook account!

Thanks for being here!


From Tamalyn Dallal

“Here is a recap of the eleven mini classes I taught online last month. The first seven classes are basics for everybody regardless of how long you’ve been dancing, and they are also suitable for complete beginners.
The “Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Series” which has four classes, is intermediate level. It is good to take all of the classes in order. That’s why I am posting the links in order. I have several classes that are professionally produced and you can rent them on My documentaries are also available on
I will be collaborating with other dance teachers in teaching three online Zoom workshops during the month of May: Saturday, May 16, 10am-11:20 with Joana Saahira, Friday, May 22, 10am – 11:20 with Joana Saahirah, and Saturday, Time TBA with Tatiana of Ukraine.”

Basics for everyone series (7 mini classes)



Figure eights

Basic traveling combo



Slow movement review
Dancing to Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project Series (4 mini classes)

Upper body basics


Finger Cymbals



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