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Embodiment: Musicality for Belly Dance
Belly dance is all about expressing the music--but how do you do that when it doesn't even make sense? Wouldn’t you love to feel confident and sure of yourself—and your dance?
You can! Link takes you to
Fast, Fun Finger Cymbal Improvisation!
Link takes you to
Zoom Secrets: How to use Zoom for Live Online Dance Classes

Alia's down 'n dirty, cheap af, mini-course of professional secrets.

Simple. Concise. Deep.

Do you worry when you improvise?
Feel boring? Not good enough?

Six Ways to Melt Improv Fear
A one-hour video class with Alia Thabit



Midnight at the Crossroads: Print Book
THE book for belly dancers.
Special: Signed, personalized copy!
Midnight at the Crossroads: eBook
THE book for belly dancers. epub, mobi, or pdf, for all your devices!
Midnight Scratch 'n Dent Sale
Midnight Scratch 'n Dent Sale
I've got some books that arrived with cosmetic damage to the covers, missing title pages, and other dings and dents. They are fully readable! They include alllll the text of the book. They're just a little imperfect. So you get a deal!

Shipping and tax included.

Available in the USA ONLY (it's a shipping cost thing).

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In-Depth Courses

Group and Individual Coaching

How to Dance (or Speak) for the Camera
How to Dance (or Speak) for the Camera
Registration is closed. Thank you!
Our social interaction happens through video these days, and we may be doing it for a while.

Six live (zoom) small-group practice sessions plus two individual private sessions. This course helps dancers, teachers, entrepreneurs (and others) communicate through the camera.

Learn to feel relaxed and natural, to find your voice, and to create a vibrant on-camera experience.

One of the best things I got from this class was how to love the camera. Prior to this class, I was so afraid of the camera, the video, the equipment, etc… I found it all so totally intimidating, however, with Alia’s guidance, I was able to see through the “equipment” and find my loving fans/audience was just beyond that lens.

The class was extremely supportive and we helped each other navigate being in front of the camera in role-playing situations. By the end of the course, I was able to dance for my adoring fans (the camera…lol) with much more ease, eye contact, and confidence. This class is really for anyone who wants to dance or even talk in front of a camera. Alia shares all kinds of secrets in this class that I truly benefited from. You will be amazed at what you will learn!--Carrie Robinson, Florida

12 weeks, March 7-May 29, 2021 Small Group meeting times will be planned with the group.

Limited seating.

Special Bonus! Get Zoom Secrets free when you enroll in Dance for the Camera!

ACE Mastermind
ACE Mastermind
The ACE Mastermind is for small groups (+/- five people) who meet online bi-weekly for two months (five total meetings). Each member chooses their own creative goals.

Each member gets about fifteen minutes per meeting to discuss what they’ve done, what they want to do, and troubleshoot. Alia provides spot-coaching; participants then choose their next steps or new goals for the next two weeks. This is done round-robin-style for each element, so there is ample time to absorb and reflect during the meetings.

What might you focus on? It could be any kind of creative goal, dance, improvisation, a prop, or anything you want to learn or practice, painting, costume making, writing, marketing, establishing boundaries, whatever you want.

The next Mastermind begins the week of March 28, 2021. Meeting times will be decided by the group. Meetings will be recorded and available to members during the Mastermind period.

There are only ten spaces available for the mastermind. If you are interested, please contact me. Registration opens March 14 (there’s even a payment plan).

Live / Online Classes

How to Write a Blog Post

This 90-minute live Zoom class walks participants through the process of writing short (500+ words), well-organized articles, suitable for a blog, newsletter, even a sales page–with ease.

Discover the pleasure of writing what you want to say–without the misery!

Live class, Saturday, October 16 from 2:00-3:30 pm edt. See this in your time zone (add to calendar button in link). YES, there will be a recording.

Only $20!

Pay with PayPal
Alia's Legendary FUN Class!
Alia's Legendary FUN Class!
Our next FUN Class Deep Dive will be...

What will it be? Stay tuned!

Thank you for your interest in the FUN Classes! ❤️

Trust the Chef

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Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a naturalistic and neurobiological approach to treating trauma, resolving anxiety, and generally feeling safe and comfortable in one’s own body.

SE curiously explores body sensations, images, emotions, meaning, and movements that arise. You don't have to tell your life story, or much of anything. We work with what is, right now.

Results include a sense of well-being, self-compassion, and increased resilience. It is a very gentle, effective method.

I’m a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Practitioner. I’ve long included SE work in my dance coaching. Folks like it–they feel the benefits. One client’s 30-year pain went away. Another reduced her fear of being seen. Another became close to her family again. It makes my heart glad to see the healing.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom for distance clients. Sessions last about an hour. It is recommended to take a nap afterwards.

If you’ve had challenging experiences in your life, if you feel that they haven’t been resolved, if you find yourself being repeatedly triggered, SE may help you.

I am making sessions available at a sliding scale of $50-$125 as things are so hard right now for so many people.

To discover more, I invite you to email me or book a brief complimentary call. We’ll chat.

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