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Embodiment: Musicality for Belly Dance
Belly dance is all about expressing the music--but how do you do that when it doesn't even make sense? Wouldn’t you love to feel confident and sure of yourself—and your dance?
You can! Link takes you to
Fast, Fun Finger Cymbal Improvisation!
Link takes you to
Zoom Secrets: How to use Zoom for Live Online Dance Classes

Alia's down 'n dirty, cheap af, mini-course of professional secrets.

Simple. Concise. Deep.

Do you worry when you improvise?
Feel boring? Not good enough?

Six Ways to Melt Improv Fear
A one-hour video class with Alia Thabit



Midnight at the Crossroads: Print Book
THE book for belly dancers.
Special: Signed, personalized copy!
Midnight at the Crossroads: eBook
THE book for belly dancers. epub, mobi, or pdf, for all your devices!

In-Depth Courses

Focus on the Feeling: a Dancer Empowerment Project
Save the date!

Focus on the Feeling--a Dancer Empowerment Project

Six Weeks, Sept 20-Nov 1

More info coming soon

Pre-course Webinar TBA

Group and Individual Coaching

Our next coaching class coming soon. Watch this space!

Live / Online Classes

Open Heart II [9100]
Open Heart II [9100]
Our next FUN Class Deep Dive

Open Heart Belly Dance II!

Improvisational belly dance infused with the principles and practices of Dancemeditation and Somatic Experiencing®. Deeply soothing, interoceptive, and introspective, it will help see us through the election with embodied, grounded joy!

Each class is recorded (instructor view).  Each recording is available for one week.

What we'll do:

* Nurture pleasure and self-compassion
* Bask in the moment of improvisation
* Allow our own body's wisdom to bring the moves to us
* Lower our heart rates, soothe our senses, and dance better, too!

This is NOT about perfection, drills, or copying
This IS about developing personal style, musicality, improv ease, and joy in the moment ​

Very little talk, lots of follow-me, guided practice, and free improv. ​

Open Heart runs from Tuesday, December 8 through Tuesday, January 5 from 4-5PM EST See this in your time zone (add to calendar button in link):

Pay in Full $55
Pay Weekly $12/week for 5 weeks
Sliding Scale $5/week for 5 weeks
Pay What You Will (0 works ; ). Open to All.
BIPOC, LGBTQ+, MENAHT and other marginalized groups, please use this option
Choose Class: :

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Trust the Chef

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Tuning In 5--Medicine for Modern Times [91000]
Tuning In 5--Medicine for Modern Times [91000]
Five Weeks, Nov 27 - Dec 25 (yes, Christmas).
Fridays, 4-4:30 PM EST

See this in your time zone (add to calendar button in link)

Everywhere we turn, pandemics, racism, fascism, family issues, fear and anger everywhere. It's scary, and it's hard to feel calm in the face of all this. Our nervous systems get out of whack. We feel frustrated and anxious. How do we stay grounded?

Tuning In comes from a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) perspective. It's is a half-hour chillout session focused on nervous system regulation. It is designed to ease anxiety and restore wellbeing. We use gentle movement, breath, and body-based strategies to bring calm in the here and now. These strategies can be used any time to help the body feel more relaxed and grounded. Each class is recorded (instructor view). Each recording is available for one week.

“Few skills are more essential than the ability to settle your body.  If you can settle your body, you are more likely to be calm, alert and fully present, no matter what is going on around you.  
A settled body enables you to harmonize and connect with other bodies around you, while encouraging those bodies to settle as well. 
A calm, settled body is the foundation for health, for healing, for helping others and for changing the world…”

—Resmaa Menakem, My Grandmother’s Hands

Registration is now open!

Pay in Full $30
Pay Weekly $6.50/week for 5 weeks
Sliding Scale $3.50/week for 5 weeks
Pay What You Will (0 works ; ) Open to all. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups, please use this option
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Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a naturalistic and neurobiological approach to treating trauma, resolving anxiety, and generally feeling safe and comfortable in one’s own body.

SE curiously explores body sensations, images, emotions, meaning, and movements that arise. You don't have to tell your life story, or much of anything. We work with what is, right now.

Results include a sense of well-being, self-compassion, and increased resilience. It is a very gentle, effective method.

I’m a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Practitioner. I’ve long included SE work in my dance coaching. Folks like it–they feel the benefits. One client’s 30-year pain went away. Another reduced her fear of being seen. Another became close to her family again. It makes my heart glad to see the healing.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom for distance clients. Sessions last about an hour. It is recommended to take a nap afterwards.

If you’ve had challenging experiences in your life, if you feel that they haven’t been resolved, if you find yourself being repeatedly triggered, SE may help you.

I am making sessions available at a sliding scale of $50-$100 as things are so hard right now for so many people.

To discover more, I invite you to email me or book a brief complimentary call. We’ll chat.

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