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Embodiment: Musicality for Belly Dance
Belly dance is all about expressing the music--but how do you do that when it doesn't even make sense? Wouldn’t you love to feel confident and sure of yourself—and your dance?
You can! Link takes you to
Fast, Fun Finger Cymbal Improvisation!
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Midnight at the Crossroads: Print Book
THE book for belly dancers.
Special: Signed, personalized copy!
Midnight at the Crossroads: eBook
THE book for belly dancers. epub, mobi, or pdf, for all your devices!

In-Depth Forum Courses

Focus on the Feeling: Empowering Dancers through Productive Critique
Do you cringe at video of your dance? Want to stop? Focus on the Feeling builds confidence and skills through constructive, empowering, compassionate critique for self and others. Five-week online course for dancers and teachers. Starts Oct 21

Group and Individual Coaching

Artist's Creative Expression (ACE) Mastermind
This Mastermind is for small groups (+/- five people) who meet online bi-weekly for two months (five total meetings).

Each member chooses their own creative goals while the group provides accountability, cheerleading, and coaching. Each person gets about fifteen minutes per meeting to talk about what they’ve done, what they want to do, and troubleshoot or discuss. Alia provides spot-coaching, and participants then choose their next steps or new goals for the next two weeks.

What might you focus upon? It could be any kind of creative goal, dance, improvisation, a prop, or anything you want to learn or practice, painting, costume making, writing, marketing, establishing boundaries, whatever you want to work on.

This Mastermind will run from late September to mid November. Meeting times will be decided by the group. Meetings will be recorded and available via Teachable There are only ten spaces available for the mastermind.

Registration is now open–with special Trust the Chef pricing for earlybirds (there’s even a payment plan--click the link at the top--or right here to see it).

Trust the Chef

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Somatic Experiencing Personal Sessions
Somatic Experiencing Personal Sessions
Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a naturalistic and neurobiological approach to treating trauma, resolving anxiety, and generally feeling safe and comfortable in one’s own body.

Trauma resolution results include a sense of well-being, self-compassion, and increased resilience. It is a very gentle method.

SE focuses on the body sensations, images that arise, and slow movement. You don't have to tell your life story, or much of anything. We work with the what is, right now.

I’m a soon-to-be-certified Practitioner in Training. I’ve long included SE work in my dance coaching. Folks like it–they feel the benefits. One gal’s 30-year pain went away. Another reduced her fear of being seen. Another became close to her family again. It makes my heart glad to see the healing.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom for distance clients. Sessions last about an hour. It is recommended to take a nap afterwards.

If you’ve had a challenging episode in your life, if you feel that it hasn’t been resolved, SE may help you. I am making these sessions available at a special price as things are so hard right now for so many people.

To discover more, I invite you to email me or book a brief complimentary call. We’ll chat.
Online FUN Class
Online FUN Class

FUN classes are live online (video) classes streamed via They are designed for FUN for all levels. They are primarily follow-me, improv classes with some combinations, technique, and a Dancemeditation section for stress release and joy.

Each class is recorded. The recording is available for one week only, then replaced by the next recording. We use Zoom for the classes and Teachable or WordPress to host the streamable recordings.

Our next class is Thursday, November 21 at 7PM ET
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We'll run November 21, December 5, and December 12.
We will skip November 28 (Thanksgiving, USA)

If you'd like to have fun, come join us!