Alia’s 2020 Summer Calendar

It seems a bit, well, fluffy to post a summer calendar when there is so much social unrest here in the USA.
Black folks are being targeted on the daily. It’s time to step up and help. For resources and information, I invite you to my Facebook page; a good place to start is this post and this video. If we are not Facebook friends, please do friend me. 


All this stress is only compounded by the ongoing coronavirus debacle. Therefore our 2020 summer calendar is heavily skewed towards helping all of us weather these challenging times. 

On to our Summer Calendar!

Taqsim Tuesdays!

Five Weeks, June 16 – July 14. Live class Tuesdays at 4PM ET.
The Fun Class focuses on Taqsim in the month of June! I invite you to a four-week deep dive into taqsim interpretation and intuitive movement. Each week will include a gentle warmup, taqsim technique, and exploration of various instruments along with both rhythmic and freeform taqasim. We will explore both standing and floor based movement (the floorwork is suitable for Any Body).  Each class is recorded (instructor view).  Each recording is available for one week. Register here


Tuning In–Medicine for Modern Times

Special Intro Session, Friday June 5, 4PM ET (by donation)
Five Weeks, June 12 – July 17.  Fridays, 4PM ET
(no session July 3)
What do you do when surrounded by threats? Everywhere we turn, pandemics, governments gone wild, family on our nerves, fear and anger everywhere. It’s scary, and it’s hard to feel calm in the face of all this danger. We feel frustrated and anxious. How do we fight what we can’t even see?

Tuning In comes from a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) perspective. It’s is a half-hour chillout session designed to ease anxiety and restore wellbeing. We use gentle movement, breath, and body-based strategies to bring calm in the here and now. These strategies can be used any time to help the body feel more relaxed and grounded. Each class is recorded (instructor view).  Each recording is available for one week. Register here.

How to Dance (or speak) for the Camera

Save the Date!
Four weeks, June 15-July 10. Meeting times TBD
Our social interaction happens through video these days, and we may be doing it for a while. Through weekly live small-group practice sessions and bi-weekly private conferences, this course helps dancers, teachers, entrepreneurs (and others) communicate through the camera–to feel relaxed and natural, to find their voice, and to create a vibrant on-camera experience. Limited seating. Registration opens June 5.


Focus on the Feeling–a Dancer Empowerment Project

Six Weeks, July 20-Aug 21
Save the date!
More info coming soon
Pre-course Webinar TBA

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Thank you for reading and sharing! I look forward to dancing with you!



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