Thank you! (Thanksgiving 2022)

I’ve been in a tizzy all week. I missed my winter tire changeover appointment because I had covid (I’m all better now). My winter tires were on a shelf too high for me to reach, I was too wobbly to get to them, and if I even managed to drag one down with the rake, it would probably smash the basement stairs, and then where would I be? And no one could help me while I was C+. And the weather was getting rather assertively wintry. Yikes!

Last night my son (the one who put the tires on that shelf) said, Wait, aren’t there snow tires on your car now?

What?! No!

Uhhh… hmmm…


This year was so wack, I never had the tires swapped in the spring, and never even remembered I hadn’t done it.

Yeah, it’s been real.
I am fine; I’ve had family stuff that was, is… stressful.

Yet today is Thanksgiving in the USA. It has a twisted history, so I am sticking to the core concept of thankfulness. Gratitude. Finding what’s good, even when times are hard.

I have a lot of gratitude.

I am beyond grateful to the family members and friends helping us through. In particular, Corina, Ken, Stewart, and William, you are my heroes.

Thank you!

And today I am especially thankful for my friend Kristen. This was none of her ordeal, yet she stepped up when I could not–and turned the tide.

Thank you!

This Thanksgiving’s image is dedicated to her.

Thanksgiving 2022 For Kristen, who turned the tide

I’m also thankful beyond measure for you–readers of these notes, folks who buy classes and coaching, Secret Center members–every one of you has helped me through this year, just by being part of my world. You gave me reason to keep going, even when times were very rough indeed.

Thank you!

How have things been going for you?

Maybe it’s been tough for you, too? Sometimes it’s hard to find the good ;(

Please know, I am always here for you. Just call my name ; ) ❤️

Yes, I’ve been quiet of late. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I’m looking toward the New Year.

I hope you are, too.

With all my love,

And here’s some more music.

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