How to WIN with finger cymbals (+ video!)

I love finger cymbals. They make a dancer REAL. Somehow you go from sort of invisible to flesh-and-blood, from ignorable to exciting. And they are a real boon when improvising with live music, as you can accent your own dance in case the musicians don’t quite follow all your accents. Zils take practice, but once you get it, you’ve got it. One of the toughest parts of practicing is the NOISE!

Here’s a little video that shows you how to muffle your zils so you can live long enough to get good at them (and yes, I do have this great finger cymbal improv course,, which will be back soon, but that’s not the purpose of this post…


Today’s post is to give you the skinny on a spiffy contest from the Bellydance Bundle folks: Zils and Lace!

The winner gets 8 sets of all-brass, scrollwork-engraved zills of various tones and sizes from Turquoise International, valued at over $300.00 USD!  Dance away with THE best zills available today. Keep them all for yourself, or share with your friends!

PLUS, the winner receives a copy of Bellydance Geek, Nadira Jamal’s newly revamped “Lace” zil course which teaches  you to make your zils more musical by introducing more space.

Whether you win or not, you get a free copy of the Bundle guide,  Figuring Out What to Practice–a 15-page guide to help you pinpoint your dance strengths and challenges so that you can focus your practice time on what really matters (many of you have already received this, but if you haven’t yet, it has been getting great reviews).

Where is all this great stuff? Right here:

More soon!

Love and thanks,



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