Alia’s 90 Day Dance Party: Challenge Yourself!

Welcome to joy!

Come find your joy…

Farida Fahmy says, “The most important thing when dancing, is that you are enjoying yourself. In some parts of the world, bellydance is becoming like the Olympics, and all about how clever you can be. Becoming technical, cold, severe, and calculated is not what the dance is all about.
“Many dancers have lost the joy in the dance.”

(Classes are all choreography. Everything is so technical. You want freedom, to dance without thinking about what comes next, without fear that it will not be good enough. Yet it’s so hard to let go of that pretty, planned, blah blah blah. Where is the improvisation? The feeling? The joy?)

It’s tough to feel creative when everything is choreography or technique.

You try different classes, but they’re all the same. You don’t want to copy someone else forever. You feel things in the music that you want to express. You want to feel free, to let the music move you, to dance what you feel. Only you’re not even sure what you feel, because no one has taught you how to do that! What if you make a mistake?

You get bored doing the same thing all the time. You want to feel joyous and happy, sharing your delight with the audience—but instead you feel stale and stressed out…

It’s like being the Ugly Duckling.

You try to communicate, but no one understands. Nothing makes sense. Everyone just wants to do another choreography, another new step, to hold their arms ever so much more exactly. They want to be pretty, perfect, copies. 

You are so past that. You crave a deep connection to your dance. You love to melt into the music. You cherish a personal voice and style. You seek a deep spirit bond, the joy for which you love this dance. Where is the connection? Where is the soul? Where is the art?  Where did it go?

How do you get it back?

Wouldn’t you love to feed your soul with inspired dance? To discover your inner swan?



Alia’s 90 Day Dance Party
Your Joy!

Next 90 Days TBA

A personal journey to your true self. Dance for 20 minutes. Every Day. For 90 days. Total improvisation.

  A simple way to enjoy dance, to feel creative, whole, fully alive.

Don’t think–just feel it

 What will you do in 90 Days?

Have fun in a safe space

Everyone’s a critic and everyone wants a piece of your time. Well, enough is enough. Your practice happens whenever, wherever, however you want. All you need is enough space to stand (or to put down a yoga mat). Want more privacy? Hang a curtain with thumbtacks, hooks, even staples. 

Creative time all to yourself

You do so much for others—your family, students, friends, co-workers. When is it your turn?
Now. Dance Party time is for you. This is your time to fill the well, your time to give yourself the care and attention you crave. You can lie on the floor and rock for 20 minutes if that’s what your body wants.

Discover how your body feels the music

You’ve spent years copying others, molding yourself into a an idealized shape that doesn’t exist. Now is the time for you. Special strategies help you to let go of stylized, pre-planned moves and enter the radiance of true intuitive movement.

Explore dance as a freeing, forgiving practice

Perfectionist standards abhor the messiness of creative expression. It’s time to finger paint with dance. Roll around. Sprawl to the music. See what comes out. Enjoy dance like a child and find the treasure of your true self.

Learn to play again

You work so hard. Everything has to be purposeful, directed, efficient. Every minute is scheduled. And you get so tired—of work, doing for others, being perfect. It’s time to rediscover the joy of playfulness—of having space and time to do something just for the pleasure of it. Now is the time.

Become friends with yourself

We push ourselves, yell at ourselves, find fault with what we’ve accomplished. We need time to just be, to enjoy our own company, to cherish our unique, beautiful selves, to <gasp> like ourselves. We are good people.  Let’s celebrate that.

Develop self-compassion

Our culture and media encourage us to hate and find fault with ourselves—because that keeps us down, small, controllable. When we like ourselves, we can make self-care a part of our lives.

Shine a Light

When times are tough, we hunker down. Once we start to feel better about ourselves, we have more love to spread around. Suddenly we are smiling, saying nice things to others, brightening their days. And they go on to brighten someone else’s. One little ripple in the pond spreads infinitely outward. Another world is possible. Be that world!

Get in touch with your body’s wisdom

Our bodies know so much more than we think. Yet we constantly harness them to the critical mind and drive them like thirsty camels in the desert of our daily life. Never any time to play, to release, to express. The Dance Party provides that space. And with it comes discovery, healing, and joy.

Embody the music

Many of us dance alongside the music, trying to remember our next steps or keep track of what’s going on. As we slow down and begin to embrace our own feelings, we discover all this space and leisure in the music. Suddenly grand galleries open between the notes.

Feel inspired and creative

You wouldn’t think it, would you? That 20 minutes of freedom could make such a difference in your life. But it does. And it will.

Open your heart to joy

Every. Single. Day.

Bring improvisation into your body.
Enjoy what you feel.
Build confidence, skill, and expression.
Alia’s 90 Day Day Dance Party.
Don’t think!
Alia's 90 Day Dance Party-- Say YES!


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But, but, but…

90 Days?! What if I miss a day? Or a week? Or…
The 90 Days embraces a simple philosophy: NGAMO: No Guilt And Move On. So you didn’t dance. Okay. Move on.

Really. Be kind to yourself. It will change your life.

“If it was only 30 days, it wouldn’t be so embedded in your soul, but doing it for 90 days, it really helps squash the bad habit of having that crap talk in your head. Not only was the 20 minutes good, it was the full amount of time, having it for 90 days. You know most of us probably missed 10% to 30% of the days. It takes so long to develop a good habit. I think having it 90 days was really good because that ingrains that good talker in your head instead of that other thing in your head.”

“After the 90 days, I felt super free. It’s like a lightness that you get when a problem is solved, that you feel like that weight is off of your shoulders, and it’s like “Wow, I can dance. I can dance.” You know the old song, I Can Dance. It’s just this knowing, a really peaceful knowing is what it is. It’s just this you have a strength and a peace and a flow instead of this panic and this crappy thought process, this crap talk that goes on in your head. It quiets that little neener, neener, neener person in your head.”

I don’t have 20 minutes a day! 

Sure you do. We’ll help you find it. It’s worth the effort…

“That little stupid voice inside saying “Every day for 20 minutes. When am I going to do this. Oh my God.” We don’t like to commit to stuff. It’s the time thing. We’re so busy. But 20 minutes is so easy finding time for. Well, some days it isn’t. Then the love notes really were a great motivator and having the forum was great. I think if we didn’t have that place for everyone to share, I think a lot more people would not have been motivated to keep doing it.”

“At 10 minutes your brain is thinking and thinking and thinking–what am I going to do next, and how this day was really crappy or I’ve got to let the dog out or blah blah blah or my grocery list. Then by about 12 minutes, 14 minutes you’re starting to go “Hey, I’m really digging the sound of this, and I’m starting to like what my body is doing.” At 20, it’s like you’re not thinking anymore. It’s like moving meditation, you just let it happen instead of trying to do it. A huge difference … You are moving with intention, but it’s a free intention, if that makes sense. Yeah.”

You can do this! It will be AWESOME.

 The course allowed me to have a goal in mind and to always refer back to it, even if I had slip ups. Like in the back of my mind, even if I wasn’t actively dancing, I was thinking “I have to try and do my 20 minutes today” or “I could fit in the 20 minutes right now,” that sort of thing. It reminded me that I enjoy the creative side of myself, especially dance, and to find the time to enrich that part of my life. Taking 20 minutes a day to do that really shouldn’t be so challenging, especially b/c what I will get in return is so enriching. It’s also encouraged me to write and to explore my love of writing even more. —KL, NY

Okay, how much?

Less than ___ a week gets you the Love Notes, weekly conference calls, an e-Quick Start Guide, and daily links to great music for your practice

Want more?

The Bonus Pack of Joy (BPJ) gives you a Secret Facebook group (or a Google group for non-FB folks) with a great bunch of new friends, weekly video demos, and daily individual attention from Alia.

Daily. Individual. Attention. Seven days a week.
Think about this. When is the last time you had such a thing? Your questions answered. Your obstacles addressed. All with a light touch and loving kindness.

The BPJ group is the heart of the Challenge. It’s the party. It’s where accountability happens, where friends support and encourage you,  where you get to follow along with their journeys.

Alia is the group’s guide and facilitator. Each day she shares inspiring stories, thought-provoking ideas and suggestions, and terrific music to keep the dancers engaged. Her words are always supportive, and I can tell she loves doing this sacred work.NS

It’s where you get Alia, every day, right there, for you. 

“This continues to be a gift…words are not adequate to describe how participating in this has changed me..thanks to all who dance, strive to dance, and to those who post in this space. And especially to Alia.”—Debbie H. – VT

Alia! Dance Muse 🙂 Guide: The One breaking the trail, carrying the light forward into the darkness. Revealer of Secrets. Mentor. Taker of Risks While Weeping. Survivor and Witness. Inspiration. DGNY

PLUS a special bonus!

A one-hour personal coaching call with Alia you can use any time for the next year. That’s a $135 value (yes, for all BPJ participants). And coaching with Alia is worth the price. 

That’s well over $1000 worth of value (not even counting the Love Notes!). There is no better deal in all of belly dance.

Buy for yourself, or give as a gift. Beautiful, printable gift card provided upon request.

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Remember, Alia’s 90 Day Dance Party is not your ordinary Challenge.

It’s laser focused on building your improvisation skills and providing you with healing goodness unparalleled in the dance world.

If you follow the program for the whole 90 days and find that your improvisational dance has not improved, we’ll give you your money back. That’s our Win-Win Guarantee. Take the plunge. I dare you ; )
You will be glad you did.