Alia Thabit Traditional and Avant-Garde Belly Dance

How to choreograph Oriental dance (and stay true to the dance’s soul)

Symbiosis is the name for a collaboration the benefits both partners. Bees and flowers, for example. Bees pollinate flowers by feeding on their nectar. Pollen sticks to the bees' legs and gets deposited in other flowers. Pollination means the flowers … [Read more]

It’s almost June?!

It's almost June?! It's been a long year already with some serious challenges--and marvels. Visiting Australia with lovely Rachel Bond in Feb and the Blossom Festival in Toronto in May were huge inspirations. Life feels poised on the brink of … [Read more]

How to empower authenticity in performance

Last week, the toilet in my house backed up. It wasn't the toilet, exactly, but some obstruction between it and the septic tank. Which hadn't been pumped in over twenty-five years. Which is generally a Bad Thing, but it has worked perfectly all this … [Read more]

Review of Dunya’s Summer Movement Monastery

Coming at the end of a difficult year, the Summer Movement Monastery, shone like a precious jewel in my mind's eye. It was my last chance at release and renewal. After the previous SMM, I hadn't wanted to yell at anyone for a good month--this year I … [Read more]

Happy Birthday, Bobby Farrah! (+Alia on Geek Clubhouse tonight)

  1. Happy Birthday Bobby Farrah! Many of you know that Ibrahim "Bobby" Farrah is one of my major influences. I attended his classes in NYC often several times a week for several years. One of the things I have become aware of over the course … [Read more]

Why Belly Dance is like Narnia (and how we get through the wardrobe)

Why Belly Dance is like Narnia (and how we get through the wardrobe)The Narnia Chronicles, a classic fantasy series by CS Lewis, begins when a little girl named Lucy accidentally tumbles through an old wardrobe (a closet on legs) to discover … [Read more]

It’s that time again–Holiday Prezzie 2016!

Greetings, my darlings!I am delighted to present you with the first chapter of Midnight at the Crossroads! This will be a .pdf file, suitable for printing or reading on your device.It is nearly in its final form, but may may have some … [Read more]

How to go forward, even in the face of fear

 For many of us, this past election cycle triggered a lot of pain, outrage, and fear. Our friends, family, and selves are divided, by turns angry, frightened, sobbing, or all three, amplified by the rage we saw around us and in sensation-grabbing … [Read more]

Why Good Enough really is good enough–and so are you

I've been reading a lot of novels in the last few weeks, since I discovered OverDrive, which lets me take ebooks out from the library and read them on my phone. I am ridiculously happy reading on my phone, which, as a book person, I never thought … [Read more]

How Hidden Dreams find you

It's October, and that means Inktober has arrived! Inktober means an ink drawing every day for 30 days. I'm doing this (in digital ink so far). You can follow my progress in the album #Inktober #Inktober2016.There are daily prompts to help you … [Read more]