bees gather nectar pollen biological mandate

How to Gather Nectar

Bees pollinate flowers, right? So so some moths, and a few other insects. The flowers get to reproduce, and the bees get food.  Symbiosis!  Symbiosis

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solace dance

How to Fill the Well

We’ve been through a strange time over the last year and a half. Okay, the last five years. And it’s hitting us all differently. Out

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Creativity of the Wind

How to kill creativity

Imagine you give a kid a cute little toy. It lights up, spins around, the whole deal. Then imagine you spend half an hour explaining

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It’s not what you do….

Moves are like boxes.
What’s important is what’s inside them. The more engaged a dancer is—the more they have something to say, some gift they put inside the box—the more engaging they are to watch…

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