Artist Empowerment

Dancemeditation and Open Heart Belly Dance are venues for exploring and releasing charged emotional states in a safe, titrated way.

Level up your creative expression!

It’s hard to be an artist 

It’s hard to be an empathetic human being, let along find the time and space to sink into making art

Our culture reduces us to pawns on the patriarchal playboard. Men must be strong, cold, hard, emotionless masters; women get to be their obsequious playthings and servants. Throw race and gender into the mix and the scales tip even harder. Woe betide anyone who doesn’t fit into their assigned categories. This does not serve anyone, at all. It’s a breeding ground for trauma, for fear, rage, and despair. 

I say, to hell with that. 

Smash Patriarchy

We humans have an innate creative drive 

We have dreams, visions, an immense treasure trove of beauty and power already within us, and a yearning to express it. 

I am here for our right–our freedom–to express our unique vision, to bring our spark to the world. I come to empower us all to stand up, stand strong, welcome our own creative expression. 


Creative expression is a good in and of itself
It enlivens us, body, mind, and soul. It nourishes our self-worth, fills our well, repletes our sense of purpose and aliveness. 

It would be great if creative time was part of every life, valued in our culture, part of every education and workplace But it’s not. And we are so often overwhelmed by all that we have to do just to make a living, tend to our loved ones, keep ourselves and our families’ heads above water. 

How do we make time for art in this challenging, busy world?


Coaching can help  

Coaching puts art first. Coaching helps you develop and refine your creative process. It supplies accountability, so you know someone is there for you, helping you stay the course, get back on track when life throws you off, and celebrating your accomplishments as you go along.

Below, please find short summaries of some options I offer. Click the red links to learn more about each offering. May they help you find clarity, recover your creative spark, and bring your unique voice and vision and joy into the world! 


Not sure what’s best for you right now? Let’s Chat!

Individual Coaching | In-Depth Coaching Series | Group Coaching

Individual Coaching

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In-Depth Coaching Series

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Group Coaching

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