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Welcome to Alia Thabit

Traditional & Avant-Garde

Belly Dance

Alia dancing with the children. Photo by Raymond Romanos
Alia dancing with kids at Blouza Reunion. Photo by Ray Romanos
Bring fun to school! Alia is a NEST Roster Artist
Alia Thabit with Simon Shaheen and Elena Lentini
Alia Thabit with Simon Shaheen and Elena Lentini​
Alia teaching at Sterling College
Alia at Sterling College

Alia Thabit’s Mission

Awaken people to their own beauty and power
Enable them to express their unique individuality through art
Bring honor and appreciation to Oriental dance
Enjoy a life of creativity, adventure, mystery, abundance, and ease

Cultivate a radiant oasis of warmth and delight

In Loving Memory
My father, advocate city planner Walter K. Thabit
My mother, beloved, inspiring, Frances Thargay