Create symbolic, emotional, and narrative structures for inspiring dance composition.

Brilliant for improvisation. Attuned to the values of Oriental (SWANA) dance and music.

Five Weeks. One Word:



Sunday, February 27, 2022

Only 15 seats available


WONDERLAND is a system of discovery and invention for making content-rich dances. It is designed for Oriental dance, but can be used with any music and any dance form that allows for expression.

WONDERLAND addresses Content Development—emotional timbre, characters, symbolism, etc.

How does WONDERLAND work?

This is a fully-coached 4-week course, built for daily interaction and camaraderie.

  • Hosted on a private forum
  • Small groups for comfort and containment
  • Daily Assignments and homework (M-F, +/- 20 minutes a day. Optional but helps a lot)
  • Daily interaction with Alia (M-F), your questions answered, your roadblocks cleared
  • Weekly Zoom meetings for QnA and Homework Discussion (all recorded for your convenience)
  • Lifetime access
  • A proven system you can use time and again!


  • Stop worrying about what to do next
  • Access deep inner confidence
  • Enjoy the rich nuance in your music
  • Let your body bring moves to you
  • Always have something compelling to dance
  • Discover what YOU feel from the music!
  • Express YOUR unique vision
  • Connect to your true voice, style, self

Become a mesmerizing dancer!

The beautiful part of this approach is that we can let go of knowing the next move–when we know what we want to SAY, to EXPRESS. The moves appear in service to the expression.

This course IS NOT for critique. Engagement in the creative process is best fostered in a safe, celebratory environment.

This course IS for joy in creative expression. It’s for cheerleading each other, playfulness, and fun with dance.

Wonderland is one segment of our Composition Masterclass, How to Create Dance Art (CDA), which applies an inside-to-outside model to dance composition. That is, we start with the inside–what the music says to us, what we want to show to our guests, and progresses through how we want to say it, using everything from expression through costuming, stage pictures–and movement.

In the CDA system, movement comes last, and is generally only sketched in as semi-structured improvisation. Since Oriental dance is at heart and improvisational form, the CDA system preserves its unique level of dancer agency and personal expression.

Your Host: Alia!

Alia Thabit teaches belly dance with a somatic, interoceptive focus on improvisation, feeling, and joy. She integrates Somatic Experiencing® (SE) with her dance and coaching, helping dancers move through fear and freeze around improvisation, performance, and life challenges. She is also a writer, a lifelong visual artist, and creative expression consultant with decades of experience. All of this has coalesced into a broad-spectrum creative, self-actualization focus to help human beings bring joy to their world. 

BONUS: 5-week Theatrical Expression FUN Class FREE ($65 value)
PREMIUM BONUS: One personal coaching session with Alia, to be used within 6 months of the course ($125 value

SPECIAL BONUS! Live Workshop with internationally acclaimed Delsarte expert, Joe Williams!

Joe will meet with us via Zoom to show how incorporating Delsarte principles bring your voice, character, and meaning to more vibrant life–with Live coaching from Joe for your specific questions. This workshop will be recorded and made available to all class participants. More on Delsarte and Joe: https://www.delsarteproject.com/what-is-delsarte

Wonderland runs 5 weeks, from Sunday, February 27, 2022 to Saturday, April 2 2022

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Thank you for your interest in Wonderland!