Alia Thabit Traditional and Avant-Garde Belly Dance


Day 82: How to accept praise (+ grow as an artist)

Here’s another 90 Days Love Note. We’re counting down to the start of this year’s 90 Days with a Love Note a day through March 11th. *** When I was a kid, my grandmother assured me she would pay for all my college textbooks. Not having any idea what books cost, and having been drilled […]

How to critique for confidence (or, “What the hell is this B?”)

    A gal I knew was raised to believe that she mustn’t handle flowers when she had her period, because the flowers would die. I’m not kidding. People used to believe this. I was shocked to meet someone for whom this had once been a truth. We met in the first belly dance class I […]

How to avoid Typo Critique (and why you want to)

My friend Phil finished his PhD dissertation and sent it off to his advisor. It came back with red marks for typos and comma errors–but not one word about the content. Was it good? Was it bad? He had no clue. All his advisor noted were these relatively minor errors. This is exactly what happens […]

How thankfulness in dance brings joy and peace into our lives

In the USA, we have this powerful myth of the first Thanksgiving. The first pilgrims came to the shores of this country, escaping religious differences in England. The ingenious peoples kindly took pity on them and invited them to a feast. The pilgrims were so grateful for this kindness that they commemorated the feast as […]

How to Enjoy Dance Practice Part IV

In this series, we look at how dance has turned from a pleasurable fun activity to one of perfectionism and hard work. The series began with the observations of a dance friend, Sarah, who noticed that practicing improvisation was seen as less valuable than drilling or fitting combos into other songs. Our first strategy was […]

How to protect your dance space

Most days I get up several hours before anyone else in my family. It is often dark, now that it’s fall here in Vermont. It’s also cold. I hate getting up in the dark, and I hate the cold. I’d prefer to sleep in every morning until it is sunny and warm. But I get up. I […]

Small Product Lab–phew!

What an intense couple of weeks. I made it through the Gumroad ‪‎Small Product Lab Launch and met all kinds of cool creators. I feel full of ideas from being around so many. And made a new thing–Ziltastic!– in only 10 days. Thanks to everyone who supported this crazy endeavor. Here’s a snippet: The SPL crew voted […]


How to self critique (without wanting to die)   Have you ever cringed, watching video of your dance? When I was 16 or 17, I danced at the local block party. It was my first performance, ever. My homemade costume took weeks. I made a grand entrance from the big doors on the parlor floor of […]