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How to develop stage presence at home (and on video)

Alexander the Great conquered the known world. Everywhere there was fell to him. He did a good job, too, keeping the local culture culture intact. But his big love was conquering. When he got as far as there was to go, when there were no more countries to to invade, Alexander broke down and cried. […]

Happy Birthday, Bobby Farrah! (+Alia on Geek Clubhouse tonight)

  1. Happy Birthday Bobby Farrah! Many of you know that Ibrahim “Bobby” Farrah is one of my major influences. I attended his classes in NYC often several times a week for several years. One of the things I have become aware of over the course of writing the book was just how well his teaching […]

What’s your wall?

Sometimes we hit a wall.  So high, can’t get over it. So low, can’t go under it. So wide, can’t get around it… Where is your dance wall? What stops you, gets in your way, or keeps you from dancing what you feel in the moment? What walls do your students or dancer friends face? Here are a few things […]

How to transmit wonder with your dance

In our secret hearts, we come to this dance for transformation. We seek a magic carpet ride to our true self, our inner goddess, femme fatale, power and glory. We want this so hard it hurts. We cry at night for the loss of the beauty, freedom, mystery and adventure with which we were born. Life […]

Happy Holidays, Beautiful!

Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, Eid, Solstice, and more! Whatever you celebrate, even if it is a can of soup, I send you all my love and kisses. And of course, we have a present, too! This year’s present will keep giving all year…   Hugs and kisses, Alia            

Dance Magic Webinar

Hola, beautiful! Ready for a free LIVE webinar? How about one on making dances? Lots of holiday haflas coming up! How do you quickly make a dance so you feel confident–without having to remember all those steps? Ta-daa! Presenting Dance Magic Quick, easy ways to make a dance without setting a single step.  In fact, we will […]

How to Enjoy Dance Practice Part III

In this series, we look at how dance has turned from a pleasurable fun activity to one of perfectionism and hard work. The series began with the observations of a dance friend, Sarah, who noticed that practicing improvisation was seen as less valuable than drilling or fitting combos into other songs. Our first strategy was […]

What is Belly Dance? Part IV

What is Belly Dance? Part IV Read Part I here Read part II here Read Part III here   It’s pretty clear by now that belly dance is much more than a sparkly little toy. It’s much more than a sexy treat for the male gaze, a fun way of getting exercise, or a dress-up […]

What is belly dance part III

What is belly dance? Part III Read Part I here Read part II here Of course, there are specific folkloric dances that have nothing to do with belly dance—no one is arguing about that. But there are others that have been adopted. They are not belly dance as such (Sa’idi stick dance, for example, or […]

How to protect your dance space

Most days I get up several hours before anyone else in my family. It is often dark, now that it’s fall here in Vermont. It’s also cold. I hate getting up in the dark, and I hate the cold. I’d prefer to sleep in every morning until it is sunny and warm. But I get up. I […]