Awesome Retreat Last Call

The Awesome Retreat Last Call is Thursday Feb 8. After that, we’re heading out to Dowd’s Country Inn in Lyme, NH to kick back and have a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who has chosen to join us!

I’m so excited about the classes I’ll be teaching at the retreat. One of them is *Timing–the Improv Secret Skill.* Here’s the description: “Improv is scary because how do you think of what to do? What if it’s boring? Focusing on moves moves keeps us thinking, unable to fully enjoy our dance. Focusing on the music instead changes the game, opening up the dance like a flower.”

Before this one is a class on the Eastern soul of the dance–what that means and how to develop your own. A class on improv strategies follows, pulling it all together.

I constantly analyze what I do so I can teach others to do it. One of the things I do is to tap into the musical structures when I dance. I don’t worry about moves at all. Moves are fairly arbitrary–anything that fits the music is usually fine. I just focus on the music and let it tell me when to change. And I trust my body to move. Trust is the key.


The Retreat is coming right up and we still have some space.  It’s going to be a wonderful escape–great food, great classes, a lovely location, and a fun group. You can stay an extra night before or after–even both. We even have day rates for local folks.

This coming weekend, Feb 10-11. Check it out here:
Will you join us? Please do!




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