Happy Holidays 2022! (Prezzie inside ; )

What a long strange year it’s been!

So many of us have experienced challenging circumstances, often entirely beyond our control. World events become more bizarre and alarming every time we turn around, rife with rage and fear. And in the midst of all this are also growth, excitement, and joy. Life, in all its wonderful and strange variety.

To that end, I’ve been thinking about my holiday gift to you.

I’d like to make a video for you–about dancing from the heart of the heart.

I believe that the more we can place ourselves in a space of warmth and joy, the more warmth and joy we feel, and the more we spread these feelings into the world. Every ripple in the pond spreads outward. Here’s a little video excerpt from the recent series Presence that explains what I mean.

I’d like to make this video with some folks to try out the strategies right there in real time. If you’d like to be part of this recording, and you’re okay being on camera for it (in gallery mode at least), please reply to this email. We’ll record it 4-5pm on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

Delivery will be the following Thursday in the newsletter. So, yeah, the gift will be a little late; I hope we can all live with that ; )

Here’s to worldwide wisdom, growth, and joy 2023!

PS if you are also a little late with a gift to a dancer friend, you are welcome to join Bobby Style 3: Transitions through Jan 1 and get a +1! Just send me your receipt along with your friend’s name and email, and I’ll send them a nifty digital card from you! Then you can both take the class the together, two for one!

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